Sell Your Haunted House Season 2: New Cast, Release Date & More

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2: In season 1, With the present global popularity of the Hallyu wave, we can’t forget about our K-Dramas. South Korean dramas, or K-Dramas as Gen Z refers to them, are dominating charts all over the world.

When it comes to viewing Korean dramas, there is no language barrier because you can see your favorite actors beautifully depict their most intimate feelings. Dramas of all kinds, sizes and genres are available.

Those in the romance and thriller genres, however, are the most popular. Comedy is a genre that is frequently underrepresented in South Korean entertainment.

That’s why all K-Drama fans rejoiced when Sell Your Haunted House premiered. Following the success of her fantasy drama Sell Your Haunted House, actor Jang Na Ra had her first online press conference.

Jang Na Ra’s Reason For Joining The Cast Of Sell Your Haunted House Season 2

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2

During the online event, the VIP actress talked about her experiences working on the show and teased fans about a possible second season of Sell Your Haunted House. Jang Na Ra began by explaining why she decided to participate in the show. She claims that “The part of an exorcist was one I pondered whether I would ever play. I was immediately pulled to the role, and I liked the way it was written as well. Instead of undergoing a dramatic shift, I joined the cast because it was something I had always wanted to accomplish.”

Jang Na Ra also stated that she put a lot of effort into playing Hong Ji Ah and was happy with the results. Naturally, the star of Sell Your Haunted House spoke out about her co-star Jong Yong Hwa. The CNBLUE vocalist admitted in a recent interview that Jang Na Ra taught him a lot.

Jang Na Ra replied this time by saying, “Jung Yong Hwa was quite professional, despite our age difference. Onset, he never fails to enliven the mood.” She proceeded, “He’s gifted as well, and he’s a natural impersonator.

He is an artist who learns rapidly and acts with passion.” Meanwhile, because the drama’s climax is open-ended, many fans are wondering if there will be a second season. Jang Na Ra spoke out on the possibility of a second season of Sell Your Haunted House. There is no release date, cast, plot updates given by the team.

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