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Sailor Moon Cosmos: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!

Sailor Moon Cosmos Updates: Sailor Moon Cosmos, the final episode of the current series and the first of two anime films to be released, has debuted its most recent trailer.

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In the most recent Sailor Moon series trailer, it was made clear that the anime would soon come to a close. The final section of the narrative will be shown in a two-part film series in theatres under the title Sailor Moon Cosmos. These movies will wrap up the tale that started with the Sailor Moon Crystal movies.


2013 saw the debut of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, a new anime version that more closely adhered to the original manga.

Three seasons of this new show were produced, and they covered the Dark Kingdom, Black Moon, and Infinity arcs of the original manga.

The Dream arc was then transformed into two theatrical films titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie.

Tomoya Takahashi will serve as the show’s new director. Kazuko Tadano, the protagonist of Sailor Moon Eternal (and the original anime series), as well as Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, the scriptwriter of Eternal, will return for Cosmos.

The movie will tell the conclusion of the Shadow Galactica arc, and it will follow the pattern set by the previous arc by being released as two separate films rather than as a new anime TV series.

Sailor Moon Cosmos

Since Shadow Galactica is the manga’s final chapter, it is highly likely that these films will conclude the new Sailor Moon adaptation as well.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, which was also based on the original series, featured this arc, which fans of the original series may recall:

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars never had a companion movie, despite every other season of the original series receiving one as well, due to Sailor Moon’s waning popularity at the time.

The Shadow Galactica arc is given another chance to be presented in Sailor Moon Cosmos, and this time it will be on a large screen.

The anticipation for the release of Sailor Moon Crystal was intense, with fans all across the world ecstatic to see fresh content.

However, when it actually debuted, most of the anticipation faded down, and the new series did not initially have a significant impact.

However, it has garnered more popularity and favourable publicity over time, and the Sailor Moon Eternal movies were favourably received.

It could be a good idea to end the new series while people are still feeling positive about it and want to see new stuff, as opposed to dragging the series out and losing momentum towards the end, as Sailor Moon Sailor Stars did.

Then Sailor Moon: The New Adventure may achieve the satisfying conclusion that the original series deserves without losing its momentum.


In the summer of 2023, Sailor Moon Cosmos will be shown in theatres.

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