S.O.Z. Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2: Update On Release Date & Much More

S.O.Z. Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2 Nicolas Entel and Miguel Tejada Flores have produced a post-apocalyptic horror streaming television series called S.O.Z. Soldiers Or Zombies. Amazon Prime Video will launch the first season, which will include eight episodes, in 2020.

Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Fátima Molina, Horacio Garca Rojas, Nery Arredondo, and Adria Morales feature in the Dynamo and Red Creek Productions-produced series. There’s a new zombie series on Amazon Prime Video that you’ll want to watch.

There is a new season of S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies, but will there be another? Regardless of how often zombie programs are released, there is always a new perspective. A lot of them include dread and horror. S.O.Z. Soldiers and Zombies are examples of this. It spreads a new strain of the zombie ailment. Now the troops have been transformed into zombies, and it’s every man for himself. Most of the time, it was easy to forget that we were meant to be on the lookout for a drug lord out there.

According to the latest information, the program has not been canceled or renewed as of this writing. Considering Amazon, this isn’t all that unexpected. Since it was only released today, on Friday, Aug. 6, streamers will want to see how well the program does on the streaming site before making any decisions.

A second season hasn’t been confirmed yet. There’s a tendency for foreign-language shows to be renewed quietly. For some reason, they’re major news in their home nations but don’t seem to make it to the main media in the United States. Watching this show unfold will be fascinating.

The Plot Of S.O.Z. Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2

S.O.Z. Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2

In Paradiso, a secluded drug rehabilitation center on the American side of the border, Alono Marroquin and his son Lucas escape a high-security Mexican jail. U.S. military experiments have resulted in wounded troops being abandoned along the border, only to be resurrected as mutant zombies.

The Mexican special forces squad gets infected by mutant zombies while searching for Alonso and his kid, resulting in the formation of a zombie army. The United States Army alerted to the imminent threat that this new species poses to civilization, goes on a quest to eliminate it.

Release Date Update & More

Assuming the program is renewed, the first season would be released in 14 months. There is enough time for scripting, filming, and post-production throughout this time period. So, we’re looking at October 2022 as a possible release date for a zombie series, which is ideal. In this episode, we’ll be talking about the frightful month of the year, October.