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Russian Fleet was Severely Damaged By the Crimea Blasts During the Ukraine War, According to the UK

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Russian Fleet was Severely Damaged By the Crimea Blasts During the Ukraine War, According to the UK

The latest political news update, related Russia and Ukraine wars is going to get all the information about the Russian fleet that was heavily impacted by the Crimea explosions during the Ukraine war, according to the UK. Learn more about political news today by reading the full article.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) claims that explosions at a Russian-run airstrip in Crimea this week have “significantly degraded” its navy’s Black Sea fleet.

One person was killed in Tuesday’s explosions at the Saky facility in the Russian-controlled western half of the Crimean peninsula. The explosions caused the loss of eight Russian combat planes, according to the MoD’s daily intelligence bulletin.

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Although Ukraine hasn’t Admitted Involvement, Satellite Imagery Point to the Potential for a Focused Attack

Russian Fleet

Although the explosions’ origin is unknown, the statement states that at least five fighter-bombers and three multi-role jets were “almost certainly destroyed or seriously damaged”.

The Russian Navy’s Black Sea fleet will suffer a serious setback as a result of the loss of eight combat jets, the report claims, while it would only have a minimal impact on Moscow’s overall aircraft force.

The ministry continues, “The Russian Fleets Naval Aviation Capability is now significantly degraded”.

Russian Fleet
Atlantic Council

The Saky flotilla engages Ukrainian fighters in southern Ukraine and likely conducts assessment work farther east.

Before Mariupol was conquered by Moscow in May, several of the bombers flew from the base to the port city, which had been largely damaged by Russian artillery.

However, satellite images imply otherwise. Russia denied that any of its aircraft were harmed in the explosions.

The Russian Black Sea navy has now suffered its second serious setback. The Moskva, its flagship missile cruiser, fell in April after becoming “seriously damaged”

While Moscow stated that ammunition on board the ship detonated in an unauthorised fire, Ukraine alleged that it attacked the ship with its Neptune missiles.

In the wake of the Crimea explosions, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered authorities to refrain from discussing military strategy with the press.

Unnamed sources told the New York Times and Washington Post that Ukrainian forces were at fault, but the country’s defence minister has claimed that negligent Russian soldiers may also be to blame.

“Conceit and outright pronouncements are most definitely not appropriate during times of war. The less information you provide about our defence strategies, the easier it will be to put those strategies into action “In a speech that evening, Mr Zelensky stated.

A Ukrainian strike within Crimea would be viewed as a war escalation. Ex-President Dmitry Medvedev’s ultimatum that “Judgement Day will instantly await” if Ukraine attacked Crimea last month served as a warning to Russia.

Mr. Zelensky asked the international community to take quick action to “chase out” Russian forces from the captured Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which is the largest in Europe, in addition to Crimea.

Across the DNIPRO River from the Plant, Russian Towns were Allegedly still being shelled on Friday, According to Ukrainian Official:

Russian Fleet
The New York Times

He went on to denounce “Only the Russians’ full withdrawal… would guarantee nuclear safety for all of Europe,” saying that “Russian nuclear blackmail”

Russian troops are using the captured plant as a military base, and employees inside have told the BBC that they are kept there under the threat of being shot.

On Friday, local authorities reported that three people had been hurt as a result of Russian shelling that had hit a Ukrainian-controlled village on the other bank of the Dnipro River, which was right across from the nuclear plant.

The first shipment of wheat to leave Ukraine since Russia’s invasion, according to the Turkish defence ministry, has sailed toward Turkey. On Friday, two ships departed from Black Sea ports in Ukraine.

A compromise with Moscow that was mediated by the UN allowed a total of 14 ships to get through Russia’s naval blockade.

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