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Russia Hacked Ukrainian Satellite Communications, Officials Believe: Latest Updates

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Russia Hacked Ukrainian Satellite Communications, Officials Believe: Latest Updates

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Western intelligence agencies have been analyzing the situation and believe Russia is a fault, despite the fact that no public allegations have been made.

It appears to be the most major cyber-attack linked to the conflict thus far, interrupting military and government communications. Overall, Western officials think that Ukraine has proven to be more resilient to cyber-attacks than many had expected.

Western security services are looking into the hacking of Viasat, which provides communications via a satellite network.

On the first day of the invasion, it appeared to have been targeted by a sophisticated cyber-attack that wiped out electronics. Other European countries were impacted as well, although the United Kingdom was not one of them.

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According to the BBC, Viasat is updating some customers’ modems, but the satellite and its core network equipment are unaffected. In a statement, Viasat said, “Viasat is currently working with distributors to restore service for those fixed broadband users in Europe who have been impacted by this event.”

The company did not say who it thought was behind the cyber-attack but said the US government will offer attribution in due course. Military doctrine is a set of rules that governs how the military operates.

One official noted, “It appears to be the clearest example of spill-over.” Officials in the West believe Russia is almost probably to blame, but there isn’t enough proof to make a formal charge.

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Russia Hacked Ukrainian Satellite Communications

They believe it is in line with Russian military doctrine, which employs cyber-attacks to aid in the accomplishment of certain military objectives, such as destabilising Ukrainian command and control.

The FBI and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) have recently issued a warning that they are “aware of prospective threats to the US and international satellite communication networks,” and have advised providers to upgrade their security in light of the continued risks.

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The GRU, Russia’s military intelligence organisation, is suspected of being behind the attack, according to the Washington Post. According to other officials, the GRU is in charge of anti-Ukraine activities.

Technology Has A Limited Impact:

During the early stages of the Russian invasion, many people predicted large-scale damaging cyber-activity from Moscow. Previously, GRU-linked Russian state hackers were able to turn off the power to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.

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But nothing had ever been seen of this magnitude before. According to Western analysts, there are several reasons for the paucity of large-scale devastating attacks. Russia expected Kyiv’s government to fall quickly and be replaced by a pro-Moscow administration.

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