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Rogue Agent Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Latest Movie Updates

Rogue Agent Movie 2022 Introduction:

In the news about the upcoming movie, you are going to get all the information about the movie Rogue Agent 2022.

A con man posing as an MI5 agent, Robert Freegard’s genuine life is fictionalized in the new British crime thriller Rogue Agent, also known as Freegard.

Additionally, he appears in the 2022 Netflix documentary The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Scam.

Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn, who also developed the script with Michael Bronner, are responsible for directing Rogue Agent.

Lawn, a former investigative reporter, and Patterson, a photojournalist, first collaborated on a number of projects and became friends while working for the BBC Panorama.

They are possibly best known for producing the upcoming series Blue lights as well as the popular BBC drama The Salisbury Poisonings. The story is based on the article Pursuer Freegard by Bronner.

Rogue Agent Movie 2022 Plot

Rogue Agent

Disguises and aliases are frequently used by spies. However, how can you distinguish between a conman posing as a spy and a spy appearing as a conman?

It can be perplexing, which is how psychopaths like Robert Freegard were able to manipulate their victims for years.

The plot of Rogue Agent centers on Robert Freegard, a convicted British con artist who kidnaps his victims. The majority of whom are women posing as undercover MI5 agents.

Then he runs into Alice Archer, who is the ideal target. She begins to fall in love with him after being charmed by his attractive demeanor and seduction techniques.

Alice, however, senses something is amiss about Robert and begins her investigation after he reveals to her that he is a secret agent for MI5. As soon as she learns that he has abducted a girl, her primary goal is to stop him by any means necessary.

The Cast

Rogue Agent
Digital Spy

The main cast members of Rogue Agent are James Norton from McMafia and Gemma Arterton from The King’s Man as Robert Freegard and Alice Archer, respectively.

In addition to Shazad Latif from Penny Dreadful, Marisa Abela from Industry, Edwina Findley from Black Lightning, Sarah Goldberg from Barry, Jimmy Akingbola from The Tower, Freya Mavor from Skins, Rob Malone from Prime Suspect, Philip Wright from Prime Suspect, Michael Fenton Stevens from Nighty Night, and Charlotte Avery from EastEnders are also part of the ensemble cast.

Release Date

A simultaneous theatrical and digital release of Rogue Agent is happening. On Friday, August 12, 2022, IFC Films will open the film in theatres all throughout the country.

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