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Roadrunner A Film About Anthony Know About Its Release Date & More

Roadrunner Morgan Neville directs and produces Roadrunner is A Film About Anthony Bourdain, a documentary film set to be released in 2021, which will be distributed by Focus Features and produced by CNN Films and HBO Max, it was revealed in October 2019.

The Plot Of Roadrunner Film

The film will focus on the late Anthony Bourdain, who committed suicide in 2018 at the age of 61. Bourdain committed suicide in his hotel room. It’s still surprising to believe that his name might be mentioned in the same phrase as the word “suicide” three years later. We all know that suicide is often a harsh riddle, that it mocks our desire to know “why.” We also know that people like Anthony Bourdain, who are bursting with genius and passion, love and success, can have demons that they don’t share with the outside world, or perhaps with anyone. Nonetheless, Bourdain looked to be an outlier.

He portrayed himself as an open book, and he earned his celebrity not only by savoring life to the fullest but also by exposing his demons as entertainment and therapy. That willingness to go across the world and broadcast his honest responses to every meal, every scenario, and every human being he experienced was part of what made him such a wonderful TV celebrity.

Bourdain’s gourmet colleagues Eric Ripert and David Chang, the producers and dedicated crew he shot his shows with, and musician buddies Iggy Pop, John Lurie, Josh Homme, and Alison Mosshart all contribute to Roadrunner.


What emerges is that, although commanding the room and always appearing to be the center of attention, Bourdain was nonetheless a “huge nerd” whose insecurity was a projection of his judging character. With searing eyes, he looked out at the world, expecting it to scald him back.

He was a perfectionist, a junkie hedonist, and a creature with a strong personality but a flimsy identity. Bourdain’s death was tragic, but “Roadrunner” argues that it was tragic with a twist of fate.

Release Date & Every Other Detail

On June 11, 2021, the film made its global premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. It will be released by Focus Features on July 16, 2021, and will then air on CNN and HBO Max at an indeterminate date. Due to the pandemic, the annual event will be hosted in all five boroughs of New York City, with the majority of screenings taking place at outdoor and drive-in facilities.

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