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Riley And Maurissa Break Up? Everything To Know: Latest Update!!!

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Riley And Maurissa Updates: Not to mention, Riley and Maurissa are the first Black couple in the show’s history to get engaged during the summer spin-off! Isn’t it incredible? They had Bachelor Nation on their side, and they were right. Fans were and still are pulling for them, but they are befuddled and heartbroken because rumours of Riley and Maurissa’s breakup have surfaced. Rumors that the two are breaking up are causing a lot of controversy among fans.

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Tension is caused by rumours! Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn’s love storey is one of the most adored in Bachelor in Paradise history, and no one can deny it. Maurissa has been deleting all of her loved-up photos with Riley from her social media accounts and sharing depressing statements, leaving fans to wonder what is going on with their favourite couple. Riley and Maurissa’s breakup, according to one prominent fan, was “nearly the death of him/her.” They seemed to be everyone’s number one.” Fans have a greater understanding of what is going on than anyone else. They saw Gunn, 25, erase all of her photos with Christian, 32, from her Instagram account. She even released a mirror video of herself in which the engagement ring was not visible. Riley, on the other hand, preserved practically all of the photos with her soon-to-be bride, but he has been sending out a lot of odd tweets. “Try not to be stationary when facing circumstances that are beyond your control,” he tweeted lately. Just do your best. That way, when everything finally falls into place, you’ll be able to get right to work.” Fans and the journalists who are naturally eagle-eyed never take a step back. Gunn deleting photos and Christian sending cryptic tweets caught their attention, and they were able to gather proof concerning their split as a result.

Riley And Maurissa


“Sometimes you have to accept someone for who they are, not the potential they have,” Maurissa commented on December 30th. Riley’s tweeter, on the other hand, had some activity. Though it’s still unclear whether they’ve broken up or are taking a break, it’s clear that their fans are feeling the strain. After posting a quotation on her Instagram storey that said, “All that glitters is not gold,” the 25-year-old gave a few hints about a probable breakup. Fans may have misinterpreted Maurissa’s video sans her ring because Riley and Maurissa had a great and engaging discussion in the comment section. During the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise, the two got engaged. They didn’t fail anyone in becoming their favourite, from their steamy dates to a relaxing and calm Sunday afternoon date. Although the separation isn’t official, a small group of bachelors are concerned that the couple may no longer be together.

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