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Rick and Morty Season 5: Is It Comfirm? Release Date, Cast Info, Plot and Other Details

Rick and Morty an American adult animated science fiction sitcom which is created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Ryan Elder is the composer of this series. The United States is the country of origin and English is the original language of this series.

There are totally 4 seasons with 41 episodes and each episode runs up to 22 minutes. Production companies of this series are William Street and Justin Roiland’s Solo Vanity Card Productions. The famous distributor network Warner Bros. Television Distribution is the distributor of this series. Adult Swim is the original network of this series.


 Rick and Morty Season 5


Rick and Morty: Story Lines

This show revolves around the adventures of the members of the Smith household. According to Justin Roiland, the family was live outside the Seattle in Washington. The adventures of Rick and Morty however take place across an infinite number of realities. The characters was travelling to the other planets and dimensions through portals Rick’s flying car. At last Rick and Morty move to a different dimension leaving summer Beth and Jerry behind.

Rick and Morty: Cast and Characters

There are many other cast members are there in this series they are Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, President Morty, Jerry Smith, Summer Smith, Beth Smith, Space Beth, Jessica, Principal Gene , Mr. Goldenfold, Ethan, MC Haps, Brad, Nancy, Toby Matthews, Frank Palicky, Tricia Langa, Cop Rick, Cop Morty, Cronenberg Rick and many other characters are also included.

Rick and Morty: Release Date


First season with 11 episodes was released on 2nd December 2013 to 14th April 2014, second season with 10 episodes was released on 26th July 2015 to 4th October 2015, third season with 10 episodes was released on 1st April 2017 to 1st October 2017 and fourth season with 10 episodes was released on 10th November 2019 to 31st May 2020. Season 5 of this series can expect that it can be announced after November 2020, so let’s wait for good news. And we can hope that next season will be released next year.
I hope fans will be satisfied with this information and stay tuned for more updates.


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