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Rhode Skincare Line Suing Hailey Bieber for Trademark Infringement Almost A Week After Her Debut

A fashion firm has filed a trademark infringement complaint against Hailey Bieber about her skincare line, Rhode. See additional information below.

According to court records E! New Was Access to:

A trademark infringement lawsuit was filed against the 25-year-old on June 22 about her recently launched skincare line, Rhode (also her middle name), which also has the same name as a 2013 fashion company.

There is little question that Ms. Bieber and her firms are aware of Rhode’s superior rights, according to the fashion company’s creators Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers, who list celebrities who have worn their line, including Lupita Nyong’o, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Beyoncé

In fact, the document states that “[Ms. Bieber] previously sought to buy the RHODE mark, recognizing that the brands could not co-exist without confusion.”

Khatau and Vickers declined because of the expenses invested in establishing the brand. Their most valuable asset is their reputation as RHODE.

But Ms. Bieber, who could undoubtedly use her notoriety to her advantage with a different cosmetic line brand, seems unconcerned by the fact that two other female business owners have been utilizing the RHODE brand name for years.”

The pair claimed in their lawsuit that Bieber had “blared out” the promotion of their brand to her “45 million Instagram plus followers, 9.2 million followers on TikTok, and 1.7 Million YouTube subscribers,” which “would swiftly overwhelm Rhode’s market presence, perplex the market, and ultimately ruin the goodwill and reputation of the RHODE brand.”

Hailey Bieber: Along With The Filing, The Company’s Co-founders Released The Following Statement On June 21 On Their Social Media Channels:

Hailey Bieber
Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

We quit our jobs and started Rhode in our apartment nine years ago, starting a fashion company from scratch, according to a statement they shared on Instagram.

We are two female business owners who first connected in college, developed the RHODE brand, and invested years of arduous labor into our minority-owned firm.

Hailey Bieber recently debuted a skincare line named “Rhode,” they continued, so we were forced to whine about her today.”

Although we didn’t want to, we had to launch this case to safeguard our company.”

Aware that they “The statement went on to say that while “we have just the brand name ‘RHODE’ that we have established, we “admire” the model and “wish to celebrate her.”

Due to this, we declined to sell her our brand when she enquired about it four years ago, and we are now requesting that she modify the name of her skin-care line.

Her use of our brand is detrimental to our business, our staff, our clients, and our business partners.”

And to say that they’re “We hope Hailey will now recognize the harm we’re sure she never intended to do and alter the brand of her skin-care line. We are optimistic about the case’s result “They came to a conclusion. We appreciate everyone’s belief in and assistance with our mission.”

The model, who is married to Justin Bieber, spoke out about her link to the brand’s name on the day Bieber skincare was introduced.

She explained the origin of the name during an interview with Good Morning America on June 15: “The name originated from, you know, clearly it’s my middle name—also it’s my mom’s middle name.”

“I, therefore, desired this connection to family history. From my mother, I have learned a lot about skincare.”

She posted a product breakdown on Instagram the same day she celebrated the opening of her collection.

The June 15 Instagram post from both Bieber and her brand’s page read, “We are a line of handpicked skincare basics crafted with careful intention.”

We worked on our formulae for years with the physicians and chemists on our skin board to ensure that each Rhode product heals, shields, and nourishes your skin.

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