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Researchers Develop New Method To Convert Waste Carbon Atoms To Plastic Products Without Harming Environment


The carbon atoms used in the study are often burned or discarded. The approach is different from how garbage is recycled in nature. It involves heating the waste to temperatures between 600 and 800 degrees Celsius and turning it into a gas.


Researchers have created a process to turn carbon atoms in mixed waste into new plastic without harming the environment, which is a significant step toward solving the waste management issue. The cutting edge method uses no fossil based raw materials and may create plastic goods more cleanly.

Currently, only a small percentage of waste generated is recycled. In a recent study, scientists from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden created raw materials for the production of plastic using used carbon atoms. “The carbon atoms in waste are sufficient to supply all the plastic made worldwide.


researchers develop new method to convert waste carbon atoms

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Using these atoms, according to Henrik Thunman, professor of energy technology at Chalmers University of Technology and lead researcher on the study that was published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, we can dissociate the production of plastic products from the supply of new fossil raw materials. The innovative recycling method eliminates the need to make plastic from fossil fuels by taking its cues from the carbon cycle. The carbon atoms used in the study are frequently burned or dumped in landfills rather than being recycled.

The group has proposed a technology that uses a thermochemical reaction to remediate waste. The waste is heated to 600800 degrees Celsius, where it is transformed into a gas. The gas is then supplied hydrogen to transform it into a component of polymers. Researchers want to develop a thermochemical recycling process that generates gas instead of the fossil fuels or gas now used in the production of plastic items.

For this, they place old paper cups and plastic items with or without food residue into reactors at the Chalmers Power Central. Viewing residual trash as a raw resource rich in advantageous carbon atoms is the key to increasing recycling. The trash you can build economic systems to mine the stuff and use it as a raw material all over the world,” said Thunman.

Thunman clarified how their method varies from how garbage is recycled in the natural world. We don’t have to cycle the carbon in the form of carbon dioxide through the atmosphere, he remarked. Thunman noted that by employing power and heat to recycle garbage, all the carbon atoms required to create plastic are already present.

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