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Reports: Rahimullah Haqqani, an Afghan preacher, was killed by a bomb concealed in an artificial leg

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Reports: Rahimullah Haqqani, an Afghan preacher, was killed by a bomb concealed in an artificial leg

In the latest political news update in Afghanistan, you are going to get all the information about An inside-the-artificial-leg explosive that kills a prominent Afghan preacher. Learn more about political news today by reading the full article.

An influential Afghan preacher who supported women’s education and the Taliban was killed.

According to reports, Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani perished in a suicide bombing in Kabul. According to Taliban officials who spoke to Reuters, An individual who set off explosives hidden in a synthetic plastic leg was after the religious leader.

The Islamic State (IS) organisation, which has attacked the preacher previously, claimed responsibility for the blast and stated that it occurred inside his office.

Local news sources claim that the attack happened inside an Islamic seminary in the Afghan capital.

Sheikh Haqqani was a staunch ally of the Taliban government in Afghanistan and an outspoken foe of the IS-K, an IS regional affiliate that runs operations in Afghanistan and opposes the Taliban leadership.

Since the Taliban Retook Control Last Year, Rahimullah Haqqani Is Among the most Well-Known People to Have Died in the Country

Rahimullah Haqqani

A senior Taliban official told the news agency Reuters that the incident was “It’s a very huge loss for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” and that officials were looking into its perpetrators.

Despite sharing the same name as the Afghan Haqqani insurgent group, he was unrelated to them.

A controversial topic in Afghanistan, female education has historically been supported by a fatwa, or religious decree, given by the religious authority.

He argued that Afghan women and girls ought to have access to education in an interview with Secunder Kermani for the BBC earlier this year: “There is no justification in sharia [Islamic law] to prohibit female education. Absolutely no defence.”

The speaker went on to say that female education is both acceptable and required by all religious texts since, for instance, it is preferable for a woman to be treated by a female doctor in an Islamic country like Afghanistan or Pakistan if she becomes ill and needs medical attention.

The Taliban have ordered that girls’ secondary schools remain shuttered in all but a small number of the nation’s provinces.

The most recent assassination attempt on Sheikh Haqqani occurred in 2020 after IS claimed responsibility for an explosion that killed at least seven people at a religious school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Sheikh Haqqani has previously evaded two murder attempts.

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