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Report: Spotify Quietly Enables Support For Real-Time Lyrics On Google Nest Hub:

Already available on iOS, Android, game consoles, desktop PCs, and some smart TVs are Spotify’s real-time lyrics.


• On Google Nest Hub, Spotify has covertly turned on real-time lyrics support.
• Users of Spotify can view lyrics while listening to music thanks to this function.
• Real-time lyrics for intelligent displays have not yet been formally announced by Spotify.

Today We Come With Another Exclusive Technology Update:

According to a 9to5Google story, Spotify has begun to covertly activate real-time lyrics on the Google Nest Hub.
With this function, you may use Spotify to listen to music and view lyrics that change as the song progresses.
It is already accessible on iOS, Android, game consoles, desktop PCs, and even smart TVs, according to The Verge.

Although Spotify hasn’t formally recognised the function’s launch, a handful of customers have claimed to have seen real-time lyrics on their Nest Hub devices.

The lyrics icon for the selected song appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen According to a report from 9to5Google, users may access the feature simply pressing the symbol.
The precise time and location of Spotify’s availability of the feature are unknown. The Verge asked Spotify for a statement, but they did not respond right away.

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Spotify Quietly Enables Support For Real-Time Lyrics On Google Nest Hub

Real-Time Lyrics For Intelligent Displays Have Not Yet Been Formally Announced By Spotify:

Users could only initially access real-time lyrics in a small number of South American, Central American, and Asian countries.
After the feature became global in November, anyone may now sing karaoke or learn a new song’s lyrics.

The Verge Reported As Follows:

For its “Behind the Lyrics” feature, which has subsequently been replaced by real-time lyrics, Spotify first worked with Genius. Real-time lyrics are now offered by music data supplier Musixmatch.
Currently, the Amazon Echo Show and Meta Portal offer similar karaoke-friendly capabilities that enable you use Amazon Music to display album art and real-time song lyrics.

Furthermore, despite the fact that YouTube Music added support for lyrics in 2020 for Android, iOS, and the web, you still need to manually scroll through them as you listen because they don’t advance with the music. It appears that the Nest Hub still lacks this capability.

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