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Release Information For Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 Can Be Found Here

Release Information For Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2.

In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the details about a Bastard heavy metal dark fantasy season 2.

Bastard’s first chapter! In the middle of the fight between Dark Schneider and Arches Nei, Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy came to an abrupt stop. We are anticipating the debut of season 2 of the Bastard anime, which has already had 13 episodes broadcast.

Since Bastard’s 13-episode Netflix debut, it has become the hottest new programme. The animation succeeded to surpass the hopes of devotees of traditional anime, despite a few minor disagreements here and there.

A strong 7.1 rating from IMDB and a 7.03 from MAL gave Bastard Part 1 a favourable reputation in the anime world.

Recap of Part 1

Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2
Ready Steady Cut

The Dark Rebel Army attacks the Kingdom of Metallicana at the start of Bastard Part 1. Princess Sheila recalled Yoko’s final spell, which would prevent them from certain death after being forced to flee to the interior of the kingdom.

Yoko cast the magic his father had taught him to reawaken the Dark Wizard despite her doubts. She kissed the body of Lucien Renlen, a 14-year-old protected lad who had served as Dark Schneider’s residence after Prince Lars had vanquished the evil wizard.

For nearly 15 years, Dark Schneider has been sleeping inside Lucien, waiting for a virgin woman’s kiss to reawaken him. When everything else fails, Dark Schneider appears in public only to play powerful, wicked, and selfish.

Whoever Lucien loves will also be adored by Dark Schneider since Dark Schneider and Lucien are two parts of the same soul. In order to appease Yoko, he helped the Metallicana Kingdom defend itself from the dark rebel army forces.

Dark Schneider was about to leave the kingdom when Yoko halted him. The dim-witted Dark Schneider kissed Yoko before turning back to Lucien. With this, Yoko came up with a really good way to keep him at bay.

After learning of Dark Schneider’s reawakening, Gara, the Master Ninja of the Dark Rebel Army, travelled to the Metallicana Kingdom. He abducted Yoko and enraged the villainous wizard.

This occurrence sparked a full-scale assault on Gara’s lair as a favour to Princess Sheila. Princess Sheila kissed Lucien to get Dark Schneider to help them get Yoko while she was away.

The pet slime of the ninja master bound Yoko and humiliated her in Gara’s lair.

In an effort to rescue Yoko from Gara’s labyrinth, Dark Schneider and Princess Sheila team up. In addition to mastering the fire sword Efreet, Dark Schneider also vanquished Gara’s majinken sword.

Princess Sheila discovered she had affections for Dark Schneider after she got back to the realm. However, she thinks that Dark Schneider is just drawn to Yoko.

Dark Schneider embarked on a quest to battle the three sorcerer generals of Arshes Nei as the dark rebel army continued to threaten the Metallicana Kingdom.

They were easily vanquished by Dark Schneider’s cunning and tenacity. He not only overcame them but also persuaded them to change allegiances. Arshes Nei was enraged by this and made the long journey to the kingdom to confront the deceitful Gara and Dark Schneider.

To prevent Arshes Nei from betraying the army in accordance with this, Abigail, one of the four heavenly rulers, cast an accusatory spell on her.

The spell will cause Arshes Nei to turn into a toad if she betrays the army.

Dark Schneider learned the truth of Arshes Nei’s predicament before Bastard Part 1 comes to a close, which prompted him to take his heart from his body in order to release Arshes from the curse.

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Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 What to expect?

Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2

Bastard Part 2 will comprise episodes 14 through 24 of the anime. After the conflict between Arshes Nei and Dark Schneider, the narrative will continue.

The other two divine rulers, Kall-Su, the icy sorcerer, and Abigail, the vicious sorceress, will also have more knowledge revealed about them.

In Bastard Part 2, numerous issues will be clarified, including whether Anthrasax will awaken and what will happen to Dark Schneider. Keep reading this post for more details on Bastard Part 2 as there is much more to look forward to!

Where to Watch

Only on Netflix will Bastard Part 2 be accessible with English subtitles. As of this writing, Netflix subscribers everywhere can stream every episode of Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Part 1.

Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 Release Date

Bastard!! The international release of Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 or Part 2 is scheduled for September 15, 2022. The first season’s final four episodes numbered 14 through 24, will be released on Netflix.

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