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Raspberry Pi Pico W Microcontroller With Wifi Chip Launched: Price, Specifications


In India, the Raspberry Pi Pico costs Rs. 295The Raspberry Pi Pico’s foundation is the RP2040 chip, which features a 2MB flash memory.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s own RP2040 processor powers the recently released Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. A Raspberry Pi computer can be used in conjunction with the standalone board known as the Raspberry Pi Pico. In addition, by interacting with other devices, it can be used to execute programming or create projects. The Raspberry Pi Pico has three inputs and can be programmed using C and Micro Python. Additionally, programmable I/O and multipurpose GPIO pins are included. Additionally, it is pretty affordable.

Price of a Raspberry Pi PicoPriced at Rs. 295, the Raspberry Pi Pico may be purchased from a number of merchants mentioned on the official Raspberry Pi website. The Raspberry Pi Pico costs $4 in the US (roughly Rs. 290).

raspberry pi pico w microcontroller

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Specifications for the Raspberry Pi PicoThe Raspberry Pi Pico is essentially a PCB that is the size of an M.2 SSD and includes a USB connector on one side. It is centred around the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s RP2040 CPU. It has a DMA controller, two ARM CortexM0+ cores running at 133MHz, 264KB of RAM, and 2MB of flash memory.

While the Raspberry Pi Pico includes a USB 1.1 connection for connectivity, the RP2040 processor offers greater capabilities. You receive three analogue inputs, 26 multipurpose general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins, and programmable I/O. It can be run on one lithium-ion cell or two or three series-connected AA batteries.

The Raspberry Pi Pico has a push button that you can use to activate USB mass storage mode. By connecting it to your PC via the MicroUSB interface, you can programme it using C and MicroPython.Utilizing the RP2040 silicon platform, Raspberry Pi has been collaborating with Adafruit, Arduino, Pimoroni, and Sparkfun to produce a number of additional boards and add-ons for the Raspberry Pi Pico.

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