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Queer For Fear Season 1 Series: Latest Entertainment News!!!

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Queer For Fear Season 1 Updates: In the news about latest updates of upcoming series called Queer For Fear season 1. Read full article to know more about this series.

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For some of us, the spooky season never ended, but now that August is giving way to September, it’s officially ghoulish and ghostly season. Shudder, the service that rules the horror world, is ratcheting up enthusiasm for its brand-new docuseries Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror as a flood of new spooky films and series enter theatres and streaming sites.

We are already choking after watching the brief teaser trailer that was released on September 1 and which just featured a few of the characters that will appear in the four-part series.

Bryan Fuller, author of Star Trek: Discovery, Hannibal, American Gods, and other television shows, is the executive producer of the documentary series Queer for Fear.

The show investigates the wide-ranging impact of the LGBTQ+ community and its history of shaping the horror genre. Queer for Fear will also discuss how the community continues to pioneer the genre through its art and experiences throughout the course of four segments.
Queer for Fear will look into the classics that some fans might not be aware were inspired by queer culture, from the literary creations of queer authors like Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker to the cultural stigmas around queer people that shaped entire sub-genres.


The new teaser features several movies that horror aficionados are likely already familiar with. One such movie is the 1960 horror thriller Psycho by legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, which stars heartthrob Anthony Perkins as the sinister Norman Bates.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ginger Snaps, Wes Craven’s Scream, Brian De Palma’s Carrie adaption, and more movies are also seen in the teaser.

The idea of the docuseries, as stated by journalist Emily St. James, is that “horror is interlaced with queerness,” and Orange is the New Black actress and comedian Lea DeLaria says that the LGBTQ+ community is drawn to horror since the genre always veers outside of society.

The queer community has always been drawn to this genre, according to director Justin Simien (Bad Hair), since it was a place where they “were permitted to have” freedoms that are still largely unchecked.

In horror, limits can be pushed, and in real life, simply being queer is regarded as going past those limits. Actress Harmony Colangelo declares, “There’s a power in being a monster,” and adds that the LGBTQ+ community welcomed monsters after years of being labelled monsters.

Horror provides a platform for queer individuals to express themselves through a lens that the broader public will view in the manner they want them to, whether on purpose or just because the gay community can relate to the stories. Numerous creators who have contributed to horror will be interviewed for Queer for Fear.

Karyn Kusama, who directed Jennifer Body, Kevin Williamson, a partner with Wes Craven and the author of horror classics like Scream 1, 2, and 3, Jennifer Tilly, the star of the Chucky franchise, Oz Perkins (Nope), Rachel True, and many others are among those that participated in the docuseries.


Queer for Fear season 1 is schedule for release on September 30, 2022.

Here is the complete updates of the latest upcoming series called Queer for Fear season 1. Please stay connected with us to know more about latest upcoming series updates. Follow Premiere next website to know more about latest world news updates without wait.

Queer For Fear Season 1
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