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Putin Spokesman Says Griner Isn’t A Hostage, Gives No Hint Of Release!!!

Putin Spokesman Updates: The elderly prophet for Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t suggest on Monday that WNBA star Brittney Griner will be soon released by Russian officers after they allegedly discovered hashish oil painting in her wallet.

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The prophet, Dmitry Peskov, refuted the State Department’s assertion that Griner is a Russian hostage in an exclusive interview with NBC News ’ Keir Simmons. He claimed that Griner was exactly the same as the “ hundreds and hundreds of Russian citizens who were locked for carrying hashish. ”


Authorities claim that a hunt of Griner’s pack set up vape charges containing hashish oil painting, a cannabis outgrowth, when the 31- time-old was restrained in February after landing in Moscow.

In Russia, the maximum judgment for the crime is ten times in captivity. In Moscow, where the Kremlin is repressing intelligencers and limiting what they can say under pain of imprisonment, Peskov was questioned. An inquiry for comment made on Monday went unanswered by Griner’s legal counsel.

Griner’s incarceration had been extended three times while she was playing professionally in Russia during the WNBA summer. According to Russian state news outlet Tass, the most recent extension keeps her confined until at least July 2.

Stewing that Griner, the star centre for the Phoenix Mercury, was being used as influence in Russia’s conflict with the United States, Griner’s associates, family, and sympathizers fought for her release.

This month, Griner’s agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas, encouraged President Joe Biden to take whatever way are necessary to get Griner back home, stating that” it remains apparent that BG is being exploited as a political pawn.” Griner, a 6- bottom- 9 native of Houston who also played for the Mercury and earned a public crown at Baylor University, has won two Olympic gold orders.

Putin Spokesman

Since the league’s commencement in 1996, she has been listed among the top 25 players. Last month, Tass reported that Griner would be traded for Viktor Bout, a condemned arms dealer. Peskov claimed he’d no knowledge of any implicit exchanges being planned, and NBC News was unfit to confirm the claims.

He appertained to Bout, who’s presently confined in the United States entering a 25- time term, as “ a true hostage ” who had been held there for further than ten times.

President Joe Biden changed the judgment of Konstantin Yaroshenko, a condemned Russian medicine dealer serving time in Connecticut, in exchange for the release of former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed in April. Peskov also gave the print that he agreed with NATO’s assessment that the extremity in Ukraine might last for a while.

If you talk about security, including national, international, and global security, it will be a long-lasting extreme, he said. Russia will demand that its security be guaranteed. We wo n’t ever trust the West again if Russia insists.

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