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Putin Makes Rare International Trip TO Iran: Latest Updates!!!

Putin Updates: Here is the complete updates on Putin makes international trip to Iran. To know more about this topic read full article.

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On his second overseas trip since beginning the invasion of Ukraine in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the presidents of Turkey and Iran on Tuesday in Tehran.

Unblocking grain exports from Ukraine through the Black Sea was a top priority; Mr. Putin said that progress had been made. Also brought up was the Syrian civil war, in which historically Russia and Turkey have supported different factions. The conference offered Mr. Putin the chance to demonstrate that he still has allies abroad.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, said after his meeting with the Russian president that Tehran and Moscow should deepen their ties and that the West was to blame for the conflict in Ukraine. Mr. Khamenei warned Mr. Putin, “Had you not taken the initiative, the other side would have started the war on its own initiative.”
The visit of the Russian leader to Iran, according to the US, demonstrated how isolated Russia has become following its invasion of Ukraine.


After invading Ukraine, Russia has suffered significant losses. Moscow has become a pariah in the West. However, the Kremlin is eager to demonstrate that international sanctions have not succeeded in isolating Russia, the largest nation on earth, and that some of its allies are still there. like Iran and Turkey.

The three-way summit on Syria will be used by Russia to try and show that it still has strong allies and geopolitical clout. But this isn’t a BFF situation (best friends forever). Iran and Turkey are also adversaries of Russia. As rivals for influence in the South Caucasus and Syria, Russia and Turkey are on opposing sides in Libya and Syria, respectively. Turkish combat drones have been assisting the Ukrainian military. Iran is in direct competition with Russia on the world energy market.


However, there is no assurance that the friendship will survive. Mr. Putin also met with the president of Turkey, a member of NATO, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in Tehran for the first time since the war began. Turkey, a crucial component of the Western military alliance, has resisted joining UN sanctions on Moscow in favour of acting as a middleman.

The Black Sea grain blockade, which prevents millions of tonnes of urgently needed food from leaving Ukraine and being shipped to nations throughout the world, has most recently been the subject of negotiations between Ankara and other parties.
According to reports, Russia’s Black Sea fleet is preventing any supplies from entering or leaving, and has compiled growing proof that Moscow’s forces have stolen and exported Ukrainian grain. Heavy mining has been done on other routes.
On Tuesday, Mr. Putin acknowledged that the situation had advanced and thanked Mr. Erdogan for serving as a mediator in the negotiations between Moscow and Kiev. Later, the Russian president assured reporters that if “all restrictions relating to air deliveries for the export of Russian grain” were abolished, Moscow would ease the sale of Ukrainian grain.
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