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Pubg: Battlegrounds Free To Play: You Need To Know Latest Updates!


Pubg: Battlegrounds Free To Play Updates: We’re proud of how far our modest game has progressed over the years, but now it’s time for it to take the most important step yet: being free to play.

Gameplay Of Pubg: Battlegrounds Free To Play

Fans all over the world loved the ordered chaos of our battle royale as they experienced the game’s suspense, realistic gunplay, and constant, edge-of-your-seat action in a heart-warming and humbling turn of events. Following its remarkable success, Battlegrounds was released on PlayStation and other platforms, allowing our community to grow even further. Over the course of our nearly five-year journey, we’ve witnessed more than 14 billion hours of play over our eight maps, which is the most in the battle royale genre. Battlegrounds’ free-to-play status now allows us to further extend our community by bringing all of the pleasures of PUBG and battle royale to everyone, while also offering new friends and, let’s face it, more targets for our existing player base.

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Going free-to-play was, in many ways, the logical next step for us. Since the beginning, we’ve wanted to make the Battlegrounds as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. It’s why we opted to start in early access, why we expanded to consoles and other platforms, and why we’ve taken the PUBG franchise into new areas like esports and entertainment. We can finally achieve an essential and long-standing goal with free-to-play. So, when new players join next year, what can they expect? They can expect 100 survivors to parachut into a winner-take-all fight featuring world-class gunplay.

Pubg: Battlegrounds Free To Play

Players must land, loot, and live across not only some of the largest battle royale maps, but also the widest range of landscapes, including woodland, jungle, snow, desert, city, and rural. We’ve been working on various enhancements for Battlegrounds free-to-play, with some of them focusing on our new players. We can’t wait to provide additional information as the launch date approaches and in the months ahead. We’d want to thank our existing player base with an unique PUBG – Special Free to Play Transition Pack, which contains seven cosmetic items and access to Battlegrounds Plus, which unlocks all of the game’s features while also granting certain account enhancements.

Launching Date Of Pubg: Battlegrounds Free To Play

Make sure to acquire the Special Commemorative Pack before it disappears from the PlayStation Store between December 12, 11pm PT / December 13, 8am CET and January 10, 2022 11am PT / 8pm CET. Stay tuned for additional details about the free-to-play version of PUBG: Battlegrounds, which will launch on January 12, 2022. We honestly believe that now is the greatest time to participate, so reinforce your squad and get ready to drop in with as many pals as you can to win that Chicken Dinner. On the Battlegrounds, we’ll see you.

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