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Protesters Torch Leaders’ Homes In A Night Of Unrest, Sri Lankan Troops Are On The Streets

Protesters Torch Leaders’ Homes In A Night Of Unrest, Sri Lankan Troops Are On The Streets

A curfew has been imposed across Sri Lanka after protesters set fire to the residences of the ruling Rajapaksa family in protest at the country’s economic difficulties. The nocturnal violence came after a day of agitation in which Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned, but this did not bring peace.

Crowds surrounded his home, forcing him to flee in the early hours of the morning amid tear gas and warning bullets. Despite the curfew, protests continue. Since Monday, seven people have died and 200 have been injured. Authorities have extended the island-wide curfew till Wednesday morning in an attempt to stop the bloodshed.

Beleaguered Gotabaya Rajapaksa New Cabinet Appointed By The Sri Lanka Leader.

The capital’s streets are deserted, but evidence of last night’s violence abounds: buses pushed into the lake, others with smashed windows and burning tires. Outside the PM’s house, where there were scenes of mayhem hours ago, there is a large police presence.

Sri Lankans Are Still Suffering From The Outbreak Of Violence.

Many politicians have taken refuge in safe shelters or avoided public appearances. “It is not at all safe, particularly for government politicians,” Nalaka Godahewa, the country’s former communications minister. His home was among those set ablaze.

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Protesters Torch Leaders' Homes In A Night Of Unrest

Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was formerly hailed as a hero by the majority Sinhalese for defeating the Tamil Tiger insurgents, has now devolved into a villain. After breaking through police lines and attacking protestors with sticks and poles, police and riot squads were deployed, and tear gas and water cannons were shot at government supporters.

Angry demonstrators replied by beating government supporters and targeting ruling party MPs, including one who, according to Sri Lankan police, shot two people when a mob stormed his car and then killed himself. As the night grew darker, hordes of demonstrators around the country attacked the Rajapaksas’ homes, as well as the homes of different ministries and MPs.

The Rajapaksas Converted A House In The Family’s Ancestral Hamlet Of Hambantota In Southern Sri Lanka Into A Contentious Museum.

People rejoiced as footage of homes engulfed in flames was shared on social media. Many accuse his supporters of targeting anti-government protestors, sparking a cascade of violent events. Sri Lanka is in the midst of its worst economic crisis since achieving independence from the United Kingdom in 1948, and the cost of living has become exorbitant.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa: Sri Lanka President Defies Calls For His Resignation

People can no longer buy basic necessities such as food, medicine, or fuel because the country’s foreign currency reserves have nearly depleted. The government has asked for financial assistance in an emergency situation.

It blames the Covid pandemic, which nearly wiped off Sri Lanka’s tourist industry, which is one of the country’s most lucrative sources of foreign revenue. Many analysts, however, believe that economic mismanagement is also to blame.

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