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Project Warlock II 2022 Game Launching Updates & Other Details

Here Is The Latest Update About Project Warlock II 2022 Game

Guns, magic, demons, vertical arenas, 3D vistas, 2D sprites, and heavy metal music abound in this adrenaline-pumping gore vintage funhouse. Project Warlock II is the explosive boomer shooter sequel you were too bashful to ask for, inspired by FPS classics like Quake and Doom 64.

What This Game Is About

Determine Why You Want To Fight:

Project Warlock II begins up just where the first game left off. Each of Palmer, Urd, and Kirsten has their own set of skills, perks, unique weapons, magic powers to learn, and personal motives for confronting their old Warlock master.

Fight your way through three action-packed chapters located in various locations, fight a slew of deadly monsters, powerful bosses lurking in the shadows, and unleash a barrage of bullet hell action that will keep your pulse pumping.


Each of Project Warlock II’s three chapters contains six massive, expansive levels that are up to ten times larger than any level in the previous game.

The game’s levels have evolved into vertical, three-dimensional, multi-floored constructions, platforms, and buildings that raise the gameplay to new heights. Every level in the game can take up to an hour to complete because it is packed with monsters, obstacles, secrets, easter eggs, perks, and achievements to find.


Palmer, Urd, and Kirsten each have their own arsenals of weapons and magical abilities depending on their identities, allowing them to play in a variety of ways.

Project Warlock II: Here Are All Latest Updates!!

Only Palmer has access to shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, quad barrelled harvesters, swords, staffs, and cannons, to name a few. Each character’s weaponry can be improved, giving them a total of 20 or more weapons.


In Project Warlock II, each chapter pits you against a different type of foe.

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Project Warlock II 2022 GameProject Warlock II 2022 Game

Monsters that will jump, sprint, hold, hop, swirl, and utilize every attack type at their disposal to convert you into doggie food include relentless ghoul hordes, naked imps jumping from behind, fierce knights with rocket launchers, flying machine guns with heads, and giant pig demons blocking your route.

Save Your Money:

There was no way to save in the first game. Quicksaves, manual saves, and even AutoSaves are all available in Project Warlock II. Please call us in the middle of the night if you know of any more types of saves we may include in the game.

Primary Features

  • There are three single-player chapters in this game, each situated in a different globe.

  • There are three playable characters, each with their own weapons, spells, and play styles.

  • For each character, there are over 20 weapons and upgrades to unlock.

  • Vertical levels that are up to ten times larger than the original Project Warlock

  • There are over 35 different sorts of foes to fight, each with their own set of talents and tactics!

  • For a real retro atmosphere, 3D images are blended with 2.5D sprites and pixelated effects.

Obviously, the music is heavy metal.

Requirements For The System

A 64-bit processor

Intel Core i5 7th generation / AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor

The maximum amount of memory is 4gb ram

GeForce 750 Ti 4GB / AMD RX 570 graphics

Project Warlock II!!!

Version 9.0c of DirectX

4 GB of storage space is available.

Additional Information: Keyboards and mice are used to control the game.

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