Princess Agent Season 2

Princess Agent Season 2, Upcoming historical series is on the way!, Release Date, Cast Info, Plot and Every Other Details

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This series is one of the fantastic Chinese web TV series and was written by Jia Wen, Yang To, Chen Lan. People are very much eager to watch this series as it was one of the historical series. The director Wu Jinyuan made the series in different angle in order to hit the series.


Princess Agent Season 2


The very first season won many of the people hearts and also it reveals an eye catchy romantic scenes. I am sure the next season will also reveal a fantastic romantics scene. The previous season was presented by the network “Hunan TV”. We may expect the same network to present the next season.

plot Of Princess Agent Season 2

The entire series focuses on historical manner and so many of the people’s showed their interest towards this series.
In this series, some of the innocent citizens were kidnapped and they was assigned to do duties. These citizens was treated as slaves and they also killed by some of the rich lords. One fine day, chu qiao was kidnapped and later she was saved from the prince Yan Xun.
The above storylines is the synopsis of previous season and I can safely say the next season will also continues in historical manner. Let us wait for a better romantic scenes in the upcoming season.

Cast Of Princess Agent Season 2

There were so many well known characters in this Chinese series and they are namely, Zhao Liying acted as Chu Qiao, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou acted as Yan Xun, Li Qin acted as Yuan Chun, Deng Lun, Xing Zhao Lin acted as Yue Qi, Jin Han, Niu Junfeng, Wang Yanlin, Haung Maggie, Shengyi Zhu, Angelina Jiang, Vivi Miao, Ning Sun, Hun Bing, Wang Yu acted as Jin Cai, etc…
We may expect the above mentioned characters for next season. Let us wait and discover some more new characters for this series.

Release Date: Princess Agent Season 2

The first season was premiered in the year of 2017 and the second season was planned to release in the year of 2020. Yet, we have to wait for a final announcement.
I hope fans will be satisfied with this information and stay tuned for more updates.


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