Pretty Derby Season 3: Release Date Update & Much More

The Horse Girl Pretty Derby Season 3, also known as the Horse Girl Pretty Derby, has a long history dating back to 2016. Cygames, which was planned to release a game in 2018, took a little longer than projected to do so. After a successful Manga run, the first two seasons had a good influence on the viewer population. Today, we’ll tell you all we know about Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 so far.

With the first season premiering in April 2018, P.A. Works was set to have a successful run on television. Kai studios developed a second season of anime in 2021, which was released not long after. Right now, the second season is likewise having a strong run. As of now, the anime has a total of 25 episodes and three OVAs. Fans will miss this show for a long time as the second season draws to a close, but what if there is a third instalment to this masterpiece? Is the third season of Uma Musume Pretty Derby possible? So, here at the Spoiler Guy, we’ll answer all of your queries.

Pretty Derby Season 3: Everything we know

If you’re seeking season 3’s release date, you’ll have to wait a few more days or months. Season 2 of Uma Musume Pretty Derby is coming to a close, and fans are eagerly anticipating the third season. Is it, however, going to have the following instalment?

Uma Musume Pretty Derby’s manga series has been a big hit in the bookstores, and more volumes are on the way. With such a high success rate on both levels, another season of this anime is almost certain. In terms of a particular release date for the third season, nothing has been revealed yet. Because seasons 1 and 2 were both produced by different studios, it’s still unclear which one will take over for season 2.

Pretty Derby Season 3

Pretty Derby Season 1 & 2 At A Glance

The plot of this sports anime revolves around the lives of horse females who have previously been outstanding racehorses. These females with ears and tails enrol in Tokyo’s Tracen Academy to train and become the best racers in the country. After some time has passed, a high-school horse girl is sent to Tracen Academy to fulfil a commitment she made to her mother.

When she looks at the racetrack, she is moved by the elegance of the famous horse girl Silence Suzuka. Season 2’s main character, Tokai Teio, suffers multiple injuries in order to be among the top racers due to the ancestral horse on whom she is based. Other characters featured in the second season include Mihoro Bourbon, Mejiro Mcqueen, and Rice Shower.

Concerning The Main Characters

  • Silence Suzuka is a horse girl renowned by her peers for her abilities. Her heart beats faster as she fantasises about one day being idolised by others.
  • Special Week: She is a young horse girl and the roommate of Silence Suzuka, whom she adores.
  • Tokai Teio: As a member of the Special Weeks’ team, she is regarded as a skilled horse girl who places the highest importance on the student council president.