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Pressure Campaigns, Predictable Violence: What We Learn From All Eight Jan. 6 Hearing: World News Updates Today!!!

Predictable Violence Updates: Following the seventh congressional hearing into the riot and actions that contributed to it on Thursday, the sun set on a summer of disturbing disclosures regarding the Capitol attack on January 6, 2001.More than a month ago, the first hearing enthralled its audience with claims of breakthrough details regarding former President Donald Trump’s role in the events preceding the attack.

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Murmurs and occasionally tears were heard from the audience in response to the committee’s dismal thesis and the gripping testimony. Tensions rose at the eighth session, which took place during prime time, when the committee explained why Trump decided not to take action in the 187 minutes that passed between his speech at the Ellipse and his video urging supporters to leave.The committee had its final public hearing this summer on Thursday, but Rep. Bennie Johnson, D-Miss., announced that more will be held in the fall to examine new information that has come to light since the hearings began. The committee’s preliminary report on its conclusions is anticipated to be published in September.Here are the findings from eight congressional hearings on the Capitol incident on January 6, 2021.


Rep. Liz Cheney, RWyo., provided a schedule for the upcoming hearings during the first committee meeting on January 6.
• The attack on the Capitol on January 6 was “not a spontaneous riot,” according to members of the congressional committee looking into it, but rather the outcome of a larger conspiracy.
• Cheney stated during the first hearing that “Donald Trump directed and organised a sophisticated seven part scheme to reverse the presidential election and impede the transfer of presidential power.”
• Members of Trump’s own family and inner circle did not support his efforts to rig the election. According to committee members, the gap produced by it was evident during the attack on January 6 when the former president disregarded requests from his top staff members to stop the rioters.


At the first hearing on January 6, representatives from the U.S. Capitol Police and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department testified before the committee regarding the Capitol attack.

• Edwards, who on January 6 repelled rioters from the Capitol, gave a terrifying picture of the violence that took place on that day, comparing it to “something I had seen out of the movies.” Edwards exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe my eyes. Officers were present on the ground. It was bleeding. They were passing gas. I observed friends who had blood on their faces. In the blood of people, I was slipping. As they fell, I was catching them. It was bloodshed. It was a mess.
• Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer, was one officer whose condition caught Edwards’ attention in particular. Sicknick passed away from natural causes related to strokes on January 7, the day following the attack.
• Capitol Police and D.C. Metro Police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6 were frequent attendees of the Jan. 6 hearings, according to Edwards, who testified that Sicknick turned ghostly white after being sprayed with chemicals while fighting with rioters. Harry Dunn of the U.S. Capitol Police, Daniel Hodges of the D.C. Metropolitan Police, Sgt. Aquilino Gonell of the U.S. Capitol Police, and Michael Fanone of the D.C. Metropolitan Police, along with Erin Smith, Serena Liebengood, and Sandra Garzaall widows of law enforcement personnel who lost their lives in the wake of January 6—all made appearances.

Predictable Violence
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