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Police confirm three deaths in British Columbia: World News Update

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Police in the Canadian province of British Columbia has reported that a shooter went on a morning shooting spree in which he murdered two persons and injured another two.

Approximately 25 miles east of Vancouver, in Langley, there were “several shooting situations,” according to emergency alerts sent out shortly after 6:00 local time (13:00 GMT).

Police have confirmed that a single suspect was killed by gunfire at the location.He is thought to have targeted local homeless persons.The next-of-kin will not be informed until after the police have officially identified the culprit and his victims.

The string of incidents started at midnight and continued until early the next morning, according to Sergeant David Lee, a spokesman for the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team.

He claimed the police knew the attacker, but that it was “too early” in the inquiry to determine a motive. A woman is in severe condition and one of the injured men has a significant leg injury. To Langley Memorial Hospital they have both been transported.

What more British Columbia Police shared?

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Police had earlier on Monday warned Langley citizens about “multiple reports of shots fired” in the city’s downtown and a nearby township. This was only the second time ever that police had done so.

Police were spotted erecting a forensics tent next to a white automobile with cardboard covering its license plate while homicide investigators were called to the area.

A black SUV without markings that was covered in bullet holes was also seen close to the shooting scene. According to the police, it also looked like the shooter fired into buildings that were closed and empty at the time.

At a press conference, Mayor Val van den Broek stated, “We had a catastrophe this morning in our neighborhoods.”She demanded that government leaders at all levels “do more” to address the issue of homelessness, claiming that it was worse in British Columbia than in other provinces.

According to local homeless advocate Kim Snow, the victims were “suffering souls.”They are merely individuals who require housing, she remarked. “Chances are necessary. They didn’t choose to live on the streets.”

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