Pieces of A Woman

Pieces of a Woman: Everything We Know About This Movie So Far!

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Pieces of a Woman Updates: Pieces of a Woman is one of the upcoming drama films.  This film was directed by Kornel Mundruczo. Kevin Turner, Ashely Levinson, and Aaron Ryder are the producers of this film. The entire script was written by Kata Weber.

Fans are much excited to watch this film. The music was composed by Howard Shore. The United States and Canada are the countries of origin. English is the original language of this film. The entire film runs up to 128 minutes.  The cinematography was done by Benjamin Loeb.

This film has received various acclaimed and positive reviews from the critics and the viewers. This film was edited by David Jansco. Bron Studios, Little Lamb, and Creative Wealth Media are the production companies for this film. Netflix is the distributor of this film. people welcomed this film very much.

Pieces of a Woman: Plot Linesv

In this film, there were two characters named Martha and Sean Carson.  These couples lived their life peacefully. On the other hand, they were under charges of negligence.

Pieces of a Woman

The relationship between Martha and Carson was beautifully shown in this story.  The entire story revolves around them in an interesting manner.  This film will be suitable for all family members.

Cast and Characters Of The Show

There were so many leading roles in this film and some of the leading roles include Vanessa Kirby as Martha Weiss, Shia LaBeouf as Sean Carson, Ellen Burstyn as Elizabeth Weiss, Molly Parker as Eve  Woodward, Sarah Snook as Suzanne, Eliza Shlesinger as Anita Weiss, Benny Safdie as Chris, Jimmie Fails as Max, Domenic Di Rosa as Dr. Ron, etc, and may other characters were also included in this film.

Pieces of a Woman: Release Date

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch this film. The entire film will be released on September 4, 2020, in Venice.   This film had overall ratings of about 5.7 out of 10 on IMDB. The same film was set to be released on December 30, 2020, in the United States.

I am sure this film will be revealed on the same fixed date. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. We will surely update each and every single update. So Stay tuned for more updates.


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