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Philippines Election: Bongbong Marcos Poised To Win Presidency In Landslide: Latest Updates!!!

Philippines Election Updates: After winning the Philippines’ presidential election, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, the son of a former dictator, has demanded to be evaluated based on his actions rather than his forebears.With more than 98 percent of the vote counted, the 64yearold senator appears to have an unassailable advantage, with more than twice as many votes as his nearest challenger.

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About Philippines Election

A formal outcome will be announced later.If the Marcos family wins, it will be a historic return to power after 36 years in exile.Mr Marcos’ father was the country’s president from 1965 to 1986, implementing martial law and overseeing significant human rights violations, corruption, and poverty.

Millions of people took to the streets in 1986, and the Marcos family, including Bongbong, 28, escaped to Hawaii.The longserving politician, who returned to the Philippines in 1991, has attempted to portray his father’s administration as a golden age, and polls indicate that he is popular among the youth.Critics claim that a misinformation campaign on social media fueled his election campaign, which he rejects.

“Judge me by my actions, not my ancestors,” Mr Marcos said in a statement released Tuesday by his spokesman. He went on to say, “It is [my] vow to be president for all Filipinos.”The infamous Marcos familyBonbons Marcos: The heir of a crooked dynasty.On election day, there was a strong turnout, and past elections in the country were mostly deemed fair. However, Howard Johnson of the BBC in Manila says there are still unanswered questions concerning faulty voting machines and films purportedly proving vote buying.

Philippines Election

Mr Marcos Jr led his nearest rival, Leni Robredo, by dozens of percentage points in opinion polls in the runup to the election.According to critics, this was due to Mr Marcos Jr’s persistent portrayal of his father’s administration as a flourishing period, whitewashing a period of pervasive corruption and poverty.

Ferdinand Marcos Sr., who died in 1989, and his wife Imelda were notorious for stealing an estimated $10 billion (£8.1 billion) from the Philippines’ finances.Ms. Robredo urged followers to keep fighting for truth and dismantling “the foundations of deception” after the vote count revealed Mr Marcos’ massive lead.

There was a social media push to recast the Marcos era as a glorious age of crime-free affluence, rather than the period of martial law with its horrendous human rights abuses, corruption, and near-economic collapse.

Hundreds of falsely manipulated movies were published to YouTube at least a decade ago, and they were subsequently rebroadcast on supportive Facebook pages.These have persuaded millions of Filipinos that the Marcoses’ subsequent vilification was unjust, and that the allegations of unrivalled avarice were untrue.


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