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Paul Haggis Is Being Imprisoned In Italy: After Being Charged With Sexual Misbehaviour!!!

Paul Haggis Updates: Paul Haggis, an Oscar winner, was detained in Italy on Sunday on allegations of sexual assault and serious physical injury, according to police.

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According to The Associated Press, Haggis, 69, was in Italy for a film festival that will begin on Tuesday in the vacation town of Ostuni in the southern Puglia region.
He was arrested in connection with charges from a “young foreign woman” who said she was forced to have nonconsensual sexual contact over a two-day period, according to prosecutors in the adjacent city of Brindisi.
An attorney defending Haggis, Priya Chaudhry, said the Canadian filmmaker was “completely innocent” and prepared to assist with authorities.


“However, I am confident that any accusations brought against Mr. Haggis will be dropped.”
He is absolutely innocent, and he is anxious to cooperate fully with authorities so that the truth can be disclosed as quickly as possible.
According to prosecutors Antonio Negro and Livia Orlando, the suspected victim was “brought by the male” to Brindisi airport on Sunday and abandoned there at daylight “despite (her) grave physiological According to a news release obtained by News, “as well as psychological concerns”

Paul Haggis

According to the prosecution, airport staff and police saw the woman was confused and escorted her to the Brindisi police headquarters.
According to them, the woman sought medical attention after the event, and cops accompanied her to a local hospital for an assessment.
The woman “formalised her accusation and detailed circumstances,” according to the prosecutors, which detectives looked into for confirmation.

In the Italian system, bail is not an option. Prosecutor Antonio Negro told the News that a trial will be held in Brindisi, and that the accused will be examined in the coming days.
According to Negro, the lady who accused Haggis will also be questioned before the trial. In the interim, he didn’t indicate where Haggis was being detained.
In addition to directing, Haggis is a screenwriter and producer. In 2006, he received two Academy Awards for the film “Crash.”
He’s had legal issues in the past. After a publicist claimed he raped her after a 2013 film premiere, she sued him four years later; her civil case led three more women to come forward with sexual misconduct allegations in early 2018.
Haggis refuted the original charge and sued the publicist, Haleigh Breest, alleging that she was attempting to bankrupt him.
According to The New York Times, Breest’s claim is still pending because to pandemic-related delays.
In response to the three new allegations, Haggis’ attorney, Christine Lepera, told The Associated Press in January 2018, “He didn’t rape anybody.”


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