Paris: Subtle Changes In French Flag

Paris: Subtle Changes In French Flag Remain Unnoticed For Two Years!!

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Paris: Subtle Changes In French Flag Updates: The red, white and navy blue colours of the French flag remained unnoticed since three years where Emmanuel macron, the current serving President of France ordered for change in the colour to find echoes of heroism.

The flag has bright blue colour previously which was later changed to navy blue, it is surprising that how this significant dominant change introduced to the country’s flag remain unnoticed for almost three years now where citizens, or observes should have noticed it while they see it above the Elysee Palace or when the flag is placed behind the president while he is at any news conference or anything as that.

Significance of the colour

The navy blue colour signifies the return of tradition for France,  the bright blue colour was introduced by the then president Valery Giscard  d’Estaing who switched to the colour in the year of 1976 only.

Paris: Subtle Changes In French Flag

The purpose behind the introduced change was to match it with the European Union Flag, which has yellow stars on a background of blue. According to the officials, the changed colour of Navy blue, actually evoke us with the feeling of heroism and will memorize us of the heroes who fought in for the French revolution.

Paris: Subtle Changes In French Flag Changes noticed.

The changes made in the year 2018 were finally noticed after its been revealed in a book “Elysee Confidential” published this Autumn by the French journalists Paul Larrouturou and Eliot Blondet.

They confirmed the change and the source as it came from the initiative from the head of operations at the Elysee Arnaud Jolens,  whom they interviewed  for their book and the book also mentions of the symbolic cost that has been spent over the change of about 5,000 Euros. France takes the rotating EU presidency on January 1, under Macron, who will be facing battle for the re-elections in April.

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