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Pachinko Season 1 Series: Latest Updates!!!

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Pachinko Season 1 Updates: Pachinko is an American dramatization TV series made by Soo Hugh in view of the novel of a similar name by Manhattan-based creator and columnist Min Jin Lee. The series is coordinated by Kogonada and Justin Chon and stars Youn Yuh-jung, Lee Min-ho, Kim Min-ha and Jin Ha. It debuted on Apple TV+ on March 25, 2022.

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Main casts:

  • Youn Yuh-jung as Kim Sunja (whose Japanese name is Bando Nobuko), the primary hero of Pachinko. She’s a Korean lady from Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea, who battles for a superior life in a Korea overwhelmed by the Japanese.
  • Kim Min-ha as teen Sunja
  • Yu-na as youth Sunja
  • Soji Arai as Baek Mozasu (whose Japanese name is Bando Mozasu), an affluent money manager who claims a few pachinko parlors. He is Sunja’s subsequent child (the sole youngster fathered by Isak) and Noa’s stepbrother.
  • Jin Ha as Solomon Baek, the child of Baek Mozasu and grandson of Sunja. Taught at English-talking schools and Yale University, he has generally associated with Americans and Westerners.
  • Yoon Kyung-ho as teen Solomon.
  • Han Jun-charm as Baek Yoseb, Isak’s second more seasoned sibling who lives in Osaka, Japan. He is Kyunghee’s significant other and Sunja’s brother by marriage.
  • Jeong In-ji as Yangjin, Sunja’s mom.
  • Felice Choi as more seasoned Kyunghee
  • Kaho Minami as Etsuko, Hana’s mom and Mozasu’s better half.
  • Steve Sanghyun Noh as Baek Isak, a Protestant pastor from Pyongyang, Korea. He weds Sunja regardless of his swaying medical issue to save her distinction by giving her his family name. He is Yoseb’s more youthful sibling, Noa’s progression father and Mozasu’s dad.
  • Anna Sawai as Naomi, Solomon’s colleague at the Tokyo branch, moved on from Harvard Business School.
  • Jimmi Simpson as Tom Andrews, Solomon’s boss at the Tokyo branch.

Repeating casts:

  • Louis Ozawa as Mamoru Yoshii.
  • Takahiro Inoue as Arimoto, Solomon’s associate at the Tokyo branch.
  • Park Hye-jin as Han Geum-ja
  • Yoshio Maki as Katsu Abe.
  • Martin Martinez as Angelo, Mozasu’s representative
  • Ryotaro Sugimoto as Tetsuya, Solomon’s schoolmate at International School.
  • Dakatade Shoumin as high school Tetsuya
  • Mari Yamamoto as Hana, Etsuko’s girl and Solomon’s ex.
  • Jung Ye-receptacle as young Hana
  • Hiro Kanagawa as Mr. Goto, Mozasu’s companion
  • Jeong So-ri as Jiyun, a rich Korean young lady
  • Yeon Ye-ji as Shin Bokhee, Donghee’s more seasoned sister, work at lodging
  • Kim Young-alright as more seasoned Bokhee
  • Kim Bo-min as Shin Donghee, Bokhee’s more youthful sister, work at inn
  • Kim Dha-sol as Sung Chung, one of the Chung siblings who lived in inn.
  • Ku Sung-hwan as Fatso Chung, one of the Chung siblings who lived in inn.
  • Park Min-I as Gombo Chung, one of the Chung siblings who lived in inn.
  • Jung Woong-in

Pachinko Season 1

Guest casts:

  • Lee Dae-ho as Kim Hoonie, Sunja’s dad
  • Jeon So-hyun as a female shaman
  • Leo Joo as Mr. Song
  • Lee Ji-hye as a Korean artist.
  • Hiromitsu Takeda as Totoyama Haruki, Mozasu’s dearest companion
  • Yoriko Haraguchi as Hansu’s Japanese spouse
  • Rome Kanda as a specialist.


The series comprising of 8 episodes, delivered in three dialects, Korean, Japanese, and English debuted on March, on Apple TV+ with 3 episodes. One episode will be delivered each Friday until April 29, 2022.

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