I initially believed that I had ran out of hate. An uncomfortable feeling. Thankfully, chaos was quickly overturned. It turns out that the premiere episode of Owning Manhattan, the newest offering in Netflix’s attempt to dominate the real estate show market, is an unusually subdued preamble to what turns out to be a typical whirlwind of backbiting, rivalries, scary fashion decisions, daily Oscar-ceremony levels of grooming, and staggering commissions up for grabs.

This is at least a return to suitably extravagant form after the last version, which was basically depressing Buying London, set in basically depressing London and unable to field the degree of monstrous required in property and human terms that the Americans do so handily. Those who haven’t been satisfied with Selling Sunset should find something useful here.

Ryan Serhant, a real estate broker who starred in Sell It Like Serhant and had the big featured in the four-part miniseries Million Dollar Listing New York: Ryan’s Wedding, is the face of Owning Manhattan. He began his own business in 2021. Serhant appeared in nine seasons of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York.

 It is known as SERHANT. Most likely, you guessed. Its annual sales are $1 billion. Ryan is quite charming, which is exactly as awful as it sounds. He exudes confidence, in my opinion, yet that would imply that there is some aspect of him that is untrue.

It’s untrue for all the agents we encounter as well. I want to put her in a sweatshirt and show her that a new life is possible since one of them doesn’t blink, one is mostly lips, and one has breasts that are so pressed into her garments that blue veins are evident on her cleavage. One has a puppy in a bag, maybe as a snack or a USP, while the other has eyebrows that make me want to crawl under the covers and wait for them to go away.

I can’t act like I know everything about them just yet. Chloe, who moved to New York from Los Angeles in an attempt to become a Broadway star, changed her focus to real estate after realising that “I actually wanted the whole damn skyline.” Unbelievably, Savannah is a blonde Southern belle from North Carolina. She is a novice, learning the ins and outs of rentals while fighting to make ends meet with the meagre fees she receives. 

Jess M is the one who gives Savannah a lifeline, but she can still demand payment in blood. Most importantly, there is Tricia, a longtime SERHANT worker who leveraged the 23,000 connections she amassed on that database to operate her own manicure salon in Brooklyn.

She believes you might hear people refer to Shoreditch as London’s Brooklyn because “you’re going to be emulating our shit.” That’s the way things are. She and her spouse are coworkers. “I do it, and I do it well, but I wouldn’t recommend it.” He was the one who suggested the plan. She remembers it with nostalgia. “Well, I want to come along with me! It’s shit. Although Ryan refers to her as “the unofficial mayor of Brooklyn,” by the time you read this, she might be the US president.

Is there anything more to say? The properties, other from the rare brownstone, firmly support the adage that one cannot purchase taste with money. Furthermore, they add to the enigma surrounding American hygiene. Almost all homes have more bathrooms than bedrooms. 

The $250 million penthouse overlooking Central Park, which will serve as the centre of much vitriolic infighting, demonstrates that the ideal ratio is 11.7:7. The poorest clientele manage with, perhaps, a 3.5:3 ratio. Four spares and one for each. What is happening?

It is my opinion that the realtor reality TV genre has reached its limit with Owning Manhattan. But naturally, it’s not. For spectators, these Monopoly-money commission figures are a constant source of great drama at cheap risks. 

However, it would be great if we could take a little break from it. If they so choose, they can slip back into a sweater and get their mammaries back in working order. It’s really concerning me. Please.  Right now on Netflix is Owning Manhattan.

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