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Outer Range Season 2: Season 1 Recap & Latest Updates

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Outer Range Season 2: Season 1 Recap & Latest Updates


We’re put right back into the thick of things. Autumn is picked up by Royal in the dead of night. The ranch owner almost begs him for her necklace, and she is lured aboard his quad bike to collect it. Then Royal drives like crazy, speeding up to the point where Autumn jumps out of the moving vehicle.

Royal abandons her in the forest and, in the interim, sets fire to her tent. This intro appears to be rather shocking, seemingly appearing out of nowhere to shake the spectator awake, indicating what’s to come.

Autumn returns to civilization with fresh wounds and a sense of directionlessness. The weird hippy, who felt an eerie connection to the ranch, is then confronted by one of the property’s most formidable opponents, a bear.

Yes, the show has devolved to that level of absurdity. This isn’t the bleak clash portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, which was way too realistic. Autumn curls up in a ball, expecting the cruelest of deaths, but the bear is uninterested in attacking her.

Instead, she stares the CGI beast in the eyes and hears a voice urging repeatedly, “Show him.” Are we to believe that this bear communicated with her? Is it possible that some entity is channeling through the bear? Whatever your theories are, the bear, along with the majority of the cast, exits the show.

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Outer Range

You’ll be rewarded if you stick around for Autumn’s subsequent meltdown as she uncovers her wrecked campground. The woman now has no money, no home, and no possessions. Show him, said the bear, who may or may not have spoken to her (we didn’t see its mouth move, did we?)

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As a result, she gives the next male she meets a spectacular tour of the mystical doorway. Billy Tillerson, the lucky lad, is shocked by the hole and rushes home to inform his father. Autumn finds a motel room and resolves to commit cultish self-harm by carving the Abbott family crest into her skin.

Are you still with me, reader? These bizarre tangents are both amusing and ridiculous, yet there is still a true, sincere story running parallel to all of this chaos. The Abbott family is collapsing under the weight of their shared deception.

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Even Amy, Perry’s granddaughter, recognizes this and challenges him. When she’s the sole voice of reason in the entire circus, things are definitely out of hand.

Cecilia has taken to hiding from the others (I’m not even going to mention making friends with a dead bear cub), and Rhett’s relationship with Maria has ended abruptly owing to his deception. Perry, too, can’t stand the secrets any longer and decides to confess. The soap opera shenanigans are still going on.

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