Orient Season 2 Series: Latest Updates!!!

Orient Season 2

Orient Season 2 Updates: The anime schedule for Winter 2022 is winding down, and the anime adaptation of Shinobu Ohtaka’s manga, Orient, is the most recent series to wrap up. Following a transmission delay due to an earthquake near Japan last week, the penultimate episode and season one finale will be released back-to-back today.

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With fans all across the world counting down to the season 2 finale, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about Orient season 2.


The series’ website stated that season 2 was in the works just hours after the season finale of Orient aired on Japanese television networks. Fans had previously assumed Musashi and company will return to the small screen before to the announcement.

This is due to the fact that anime renewals are historically determined by two factors: the availability of source material and the popularity of the series both in Japan and abroad. The good news for the Orient community is that Shinobu Ohtaka’s original manga series is still ongoing, which means the A.C.G.T team will have plenty of source material to adapt.

In fact, the Daito Mine Arc, which ran from chapter 18 to 42 in the original manga series, is planned to be covered in episode 12 of Orient. Yet, as of March 2022, 14 manga volumes with 121 chapters had been published in Japan, implying that there is enough source material for up to three TV seasons right now.

Orient Season 2

The Awaji Island Recapture Operation Arc is the next plot arc in the manga series, which began with chapter 43 and is currently running, according to the series’ Fandom page. The series’ popularity, particularly the disparity between domestic and international audiences, was the only potential stumbling block. Although Orient has done well in Japan, the series has received mixed reviews from fans around the world.


After a week of delays, the Orient anime series finally concludes today, with season 2 set to premiere in July 2022. Orient presently has an IMDB rating of 6.1/10 and a MyAnimeList rating of 5.94/10, with just over 11,000 reviews — substantially lower than many anime fans would have expected.

While Orient fans all across the world may breathe a sense of relief, many are now waiting to see when season 2 will air.

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