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One Piece Film Red: Latest Updates!!!

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One Piece Film Red Updates: Toei Animation and Gor Taniguchi are producing One Piece Film: Red, a future Japanese anime fantasy action adventure film directed by Gor Taniguchi. It is the sixteenth feature film in the One Piece film series, and it is based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga of the same name.

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The story takes place on an island, where Uta, the world’s most famous diva, gives her debut public performance. Uta’s voice has been hailed as “otherworldly,” as she sings while concealing her true identity. Uta’s voice is heard in a new light now that the Straw Hat crew, other pirates, the Navy, and fans from all around the world who like her voice have arrived. The unexpected discovery that she is the “daughter” of Red-Haired Shanks brings the drama to a close.


Gordon appears to be a supporting character in the film, with little information about him currently accessible. Film Red will not be like the other One Piece films in that Luffy will not fight the strong person to save the day, as has already been stated. Gordon could very well be the film’s villain, influencing events from the shadows in order to persuade Uta to use her legendary skills. When it comes to her powers, Uta is the best diva in the entire world of One Piece. Her voice is claimed to be able to influence the entire world. According to the previous teaser, Uta’s voice is Either eternal life or eternal death is possible. The villain will almost certainly try to use her voice for nefarious reasons, which will definitely play a key role in the film’s plot. Uta has wings, therefore she could be a member of the sky races, but her wings are most likely the result of a Devil Fruit ability. Because Uta’s wings appear to be inconsistent throughout the film, this is the case. They are present in certain contexts but not in others. Uta’s wings also appear to be two different colours. Her left wing is white, while her right wing is scarlet. It’s possible that all of this is tied to her skills.

One Piece Film Red


It was first announced on November 21, 2021, in honour of the release of One Piece anime episode 1000, and a teaser trailer and poster were released on November 21, 2021, following the show’s airing. The film will be released on August 6, 2022. The movie is said to centre on a new female character named Uta.

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