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One Dead and 84 Injured from Sri Lanka Protests, According to Hospital Officials

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According to medical officials, Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, was shaken by protests on Wednesday, resulting in one death and 84 injuries. After police fired tear gas at protesters, the 26-year-old man suffered breathing problems and passed away.

Ranil Wickremesinghe, the prime minister of Sri Lanka, was chosen to serve as interim president after President Gotabaya Rajapaksa left the nation. However, the choice sparked further protests calling for his resignation as well.

The demonstrators who were outside the prime minister’s office and those who were outside parliament later in the evening, according to hospital officials at the Colombo National Hospital, were responsible for the injuries.

Before entering the prime minister’s office in Colombo, police had shot tear gas at demonstrators who had tried to burst down the gates. Later, they moved in the direction of the legislature.

An assault rifle with ammo was allegedly seized by a protester and has not yet been found, according to a military spokesperson who said that a soldier and a police officer were among the injured. Sri Lanka announced a new curfew early on Thursday that would be in effect from 12:00 on Thursday until 5:00 on Friday, according to a statement from the government.

As Sri Lanka Experiences its greatest economic crisis in decades, protests have been taking place.

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Many attribute the situation to the Rajapaksa administration and regard Mr. Wickremesinghe, who took office as prime minister in May, as contributing to the issue. Mr. Wickremesinghe had urged demonstrators to leave his office and other state facilities that were occupied and work with the police in a late-night television address on Wednesday.

He also instructed the military to take “whatever action is required” to bring about order. Days after his official mansion was assaulted and hours after Mr. Rajapaksa escaped to the Maldives, he made his statement.

Despite promising to step down by Wednesday, Mr. Rajapaksa has not yet turned in a formal letter of resignation. It is believed that the leader, who has enjoyed protection from prosecution as president, planned to leave the country before resigning in order to escape the prospect of being detained by the new administration.

The departure of the president raises concerns about a possible power vacuum in Sri Lanka, which need a functioning government to help it escape its financial crisis. A new unity administration has been discussed by politicians from other parties, but there is currently no indication that they are close to reaching an agreement. Whether the general public will accept what they come up with is another unknown.

The team of Mr. Wickremesinghe announced in a news release on Wednesday that he had requested the speaker of the parliament name a new prime minister “who is agreeable to both the government and opposition.”

Sajit Premadasa, the head of the main opposition, earlier on Monday that he would be running for president.

 He, like Mr. Wickremesinghe, is not popular, though. Additionally, the public has a strong mistrust of politicians in general.

There is no clear front-runner for the position of leader of the country amid the protest movement that has taken Sri Lanka to the verge of change.

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