Following the events of the previous movie, Oloture, the journalist, is travelling to Europe while remaining incognito when she gets stuck in a remote area. Since her newspaper won’t stand up for her, she needs to figure out how to flee and expose the human trafficking ring that is destroying the lives of other women. SERIES

The film’s critiques were accurate; the Limited Series that continues the plot of the film, Òlòtūré: The Journey, is another engrossing and heartbreaking viewing that has you questioning morality in every scene. 

Oloture needs to do everything in her power to tell her story while evading traffickers who are now aware that there is a mole among them. However, Beauty soon discovers that home is not what she had imagined it to be while she is returning home.

Olòtūré: The Journey is a poignant tale of perseverance and the murky underbelly of human trafficking, showcasing Oloture’s journey by sending her through a series of unfortunate events. It is hard to put the novel down for even a second when following her voyage around Europe, which is full of both friends and foes.

 It is distressing to see some of the worst things people must endure in order to survive, as well as the grim fact that others must choose a difficult life since they have few other options.

The series doesn’t seem to end anywhere, which is what disappoints me about it. The story ends abruptly, leaving all the loose ends and unresolved, and all the story points left somewhere in the centre. The story doesn’t progress at all, even if each episode has a relatively short playtime. Things move at a frightening rate as well. After the show concludes, there remains a lingering feeling that something is missing.

Furthermore, I believe that a few of the choices the characters make during the series are quite dubious. You would think that after everything they’ve been through, they wouldn’t trust anyone. All people, though, frequently make the worst choices and find themselves in problems. As a watcher, you are aware that hope is incredibly hard to give up, but even in those cases, when someone falls into an obvious trap, it gets old quickly to support them.

Having said that, Òlòtūré: The Journey features a talented cast that brilliantly captures the essence of their respective roles. Your heart will bleed for Sharon Ooja, the main character, as she tries to do the right thing but must always stop herself in order to survive. Anyone can’t help but cheer for her because of her tenacity and survival instincts, and Ooja perfectly plays that part in each scene.

The sheer bewilderment of being left on a cliffhanger at the conclusion of three episodes, when you haven’t been given the answers to any of the issues, cannot be replaced by an engrossing plot. 

The show withholds information on Beauty’s fate, the outcome of the impending gang conflict, and if Oloture and her group made it to their objective. It’s obvious that we should prepare for more episodes in the near future, yet that makes current season incredibly empty and unfinished.

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