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Nobody Saves The World Game: Latest Updates!!!

Nobody Saves The World: In this fresh twist on Action RPGs from the developers of Guacamelee, transform from a featureless nobody into a slug, a ghost, and a dragon! Discover 15+ unique Forms, combine and combine their abilities, clear evolving dungeons, and… save the world! DrinkBox Studios co-founder Graham Smith immediately alluded to The Legend of Zelda when asked about the creative ideas behind his studio’s next game, which makes sense. Nobody Saves the World, which will be released later this summer, has a top-down, overworld/underworld environment that immediately conveys you’ll be playing an action RPG, even if it lacks the puzzle-solving that Zelda is known for.


This Game’s Contents:

In this new action RPG from the developers of Guacamelee, transform from a featureless nobody into a slug, a ghost, a dragon, and more! Completing tasks will allow you to discover and switch between 15+ different Forms. Each Form has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Mix and match the abilities of your Forms to further strengthen them, with limitless combinations conceivable! To unlock and finish even MORE tough tasks, mix and match talents in unexpected ways. Explore a massive overworld – alone or with a companion online – while clearing shape-shifting dungeons to stop The Calamity and save the world!

Nobody Saves The World


  • CAN BE TRANSFORMED INTO MANY DIFFERENT FORMATS: Unlock 15+ different forms, ranging from rat to rogue to robot, each with its own gameplay characteristics.
  • MIX AND MATCH ABILITIES: Create powerful bespoke builds by combining over 80 Form abilities. Play as an Egg who can blast fireballs and leave a slime trail! We won’t be able to stop you!
  • UNCONVENTIONAL QUESTIONS: Assist the world’s unusual people in resolving their problems. Each Form also has its own set of objectives to fulfil, which you can do in a variety of ways and its form.
  • PROCESSIONALLY GENERATED DUNGEONS EVOLVING DUNGEONS: As you gain strength, procedurally generated dungeons become more difficult and complex, keeping you on your toes.
  • ONLINE CO-OP: Invite a friend to join you in your quest for all or part of it! Jim Guthrie, the celebrated composer, has composed new original music for the film.

Release Date Updates Of Nobody Saves The World Game:

The game nobody saves the world expected to release on 2022. Exact time and date is not known. Follow this page for latest updates.


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