No Lockdown For Now, Confirmed Manish Sisodiya, Health Minister Of Delhi.

No Lockdown, For Now, Updates: There won’t be Lockdown imposed for Capital, confirms the Health minister, Satyendra Jain.

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No Lockdown, For Now.

The minister confirmed that there are no plans as of now to impose restrictions as stringent as lockdown in the capital. The news got confirmed just after it imposed curfews on weekends in the national capital as on the measures to curb down the infection surge. The decision has come when the positivity rate for infections is surging at above 5 percent for about two days regular and the latest reported positivity ratio is around 8.3 percent. The positivity ratio implies that for every 100 tests conducted, around 9 of them turned out to be positive for the virus.

No Lockdown For Now

Delhi as per the recent statistics has reported around 5,481 new infections and three deaths in a day, the Health Minister confirmed. Manish Sisodiya, the health minister for the national capital also said that the measures taken as Curfews are not lockdowns, so people do not need to panic. But, he also said to the reporters that curfews on weekends only should be treated like lockdowns and covid appropriate behavior should be maintained overall throughout.

Measures Taken To Curb Down The Infections

Government authorities and DDMA recently have decided to go with measures like weekend curfews and work from home ahead to curb down the infection risk for now, under the measures and restrictions imposed, private offices are also ordered to maintain only half of the staff to attend offices and another half to maintain work from home measures.

Earlier, the government has limited the operational capacity of the buses and the Delhi metro but, the decision turned out to be not happening as it led to crowding and long queues, after which the government decided to operate these services at their full or 100 percent capacity.

The above decisions were taken by DDMA and government authorities only after reporting a positivity rate above 5 for straight two days which puts the national capital into a red alert, as per color-graded GRAP, or Gradual Response Action Plan.

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