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Nic And Savannah Talk About The Alleged Suicide Rumor: Latest Updates

Nic and Savannah have created a unique film that is going viral for all the right reasons. Nic Kerdiles, star of Chrisley Knows Best, and the Chrisley family have recently received a lot of media attention!

Nic, Savannah, and Todd have been making waves since a social media video starring them went viral. The purpose of this video surprised people, especially given the recent focus on mental health issues. One of these three individuals admitted to attempting suicide!

While this discovery is causing a stir on social media, it is also highlighting how dangerous mental health issues may be if not addressed promptly. While the couple has received media attention for their relationship and how they previously took a step back, it appears that they have joined forces for a special film that has an essential message that the two wanted to communicate. So, what exactly are Nic and Savannah discussing in the video? Let’s see what we can find out.

Nic And Savannah Discuss The Suicide Allegation:

While Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles have been separated for some time, Nick recently opened up about allegations that he once considered suicide. Savannah’s ex-fiance addressed the claims by revealing that he was on medicine for COVID and that he mixed it with booze. It took such a complex turn that Nic had no recollection of what had transpired that night, and he was in a complete blackout.

Nic was surprised to find himself with a gun by his side later! When reflecting on the scary episode, Nick stated that he was unaware that he was in such a mental state as a result of the sadness, anxiety, COVID effects, medication, and alcohol that he unconsciously did something he would never have done.

Nick, on the other hand, expressed his gratitude for where he is in life and referred to Savannah as a godsend. As soon as the video became viral, fans and followers flocked to the comment area to express their love and support.

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Nic And Savannah

Nic Kerdiles Discusses His Mental Health Issues:

Kerdiles disclosed that the prescription he was taking had an 89 percent risk of inducing despair and anxiety when speaking about his difficult battle with mental health concerns. Kerdiles went on to say that if someone is having problems and is suicidal, there’s a good chance they’ll have suicidal thoughts while on such powerful meds.

He did, however, have his greatest friends by his side who supported and assisted him during his long path, and he triumphed. Nic used the occasion to express his gratitude to Savannah, Todd, and Chad for staying by him through thick and thin. Todd added his two cents, expressing his admiration for Nic’s patience in dealing with the matter.

Savannah Chrisley’s Intervention In Nic Kerdiles’ Suicide Attempt:

Nic Kerdiles, on the other hand, recently grabbed social media by storm after revealing how he attempted suicide. Another major revelation appears to have been revealed about Savannah’s dramatic action to prevent Nic from doing so.

Savannah allegedly shattered glass with her bare hands while screaming to prevent Nic from killing himself! When a 911 call was made, the reality television personality could be heard screaming in the background.

Savannah wounded her hand while smashing the window, according to the friend who made the emergency call. Nic recently delivered an encouraging update on his mental health, while Savannah had to take a significant stride forward that resulted in a few bruises.

They were successful in removing the rifle from Nic’s hands and getting the situation under control after much wrangling. While their relationship has had its ups and downs, the two clearly care for each other, as the latest discovery proves.

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