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Neon Blight Game: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!


Neon Blight Game Updates: Welcome to Eden, the historic section of the metropolis. In this neonrogulite, shop management, shoot ‘e m up, battle across dystopian cyberspace, gather hundreds of weapons, set up an exotic black market gun store, serve other cyberpunk runners, and work toward the ultimate reward. Welcome to Neon Blight’s cyberpunk future. It is your responsibility as the new proprietor of a cyberpunk gun store to arm the horde of would be heroes with the tools necessary for victory in the struggle against the world’s megacorporation’s. As a fixer, you will enter a world of brutal competitiveness, unrelenting rivalry, and limitless exploration.

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You give the tools and gear required by cyberpunks in your generation. Manage your own gun shop, battle through seemingly never-ending waves of foes, and obtain the ultimate weapon by navigating the Outer Border and the horde of foes determined to keep you from your ultimate objective. Manage your own gun shop by making it your own and selling the weapons you buy to cyberpunks trying to go ahead in life. Selling hundreds of upgradeable weapons to customers seeking a competitive advantage is the future of gunrunning. Loyalty at a Premium: Develop relationships with your clients, attending to their requirements and, if required, taking matters into your own hands and attempting to solve their problems. You’ll find a weapon that has the power to completely alter Eden’s power structure. Can you find the vault’s keys so you can take possession of the ultimate weapon? Battle your way through hundreds of meticulously constructed levels to gather the elements for the ultimate weapon. Acquire the supreme weapon of war, upsetting the delicate power dynamics of the new Eden. Face out against distinctive bosses to seize the megacity’s gunrunning business and create a future for yourself.

Neon Blight Game


On July 11, 2022, Neon Blight becomes available exclusively for PC.Neon Blight is a game with two distinct personalities: one is a top down roguelite bullet hell in the style of Enter the Gungeon, and the other is a store management sim in the style of Moonlighter where the goods you sell are obtained from loot obtained through fighting. Fans of any of the two aforementioned titles will discover a game that resonates with them, and in fact, first time developers Bleeding Tapes openly admit the influence these two games had on their first game.

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