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NATO Official Sees Russia War Entering A Stalemate: ‘Neither Side Here Can Win’

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NATO Official Sees Russia War Entering A Stalemate: ‘Neither Side Here Can Win’

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According to an elderly NATO intelligence functionary, the nearly month-long Russian conflict in Ukraine is getting a stalemate, with Ukrainian forces precluding Russia from gaining advances but Russian President Vladimir Putin shows no sign of backing down.

Still, we’re fleetly approaching one,” said a NATO officer who requested obscurity to bandy classified military assessments, “If we are not formerly in a stalemate. “IN actuality, neither side has an advantage over the other.”

Belarus, a strong Russian supporter, may strike Ukraine soon and is considering allowing Russia to post-nuclear munitions on Belarusian land, according to the functionary. Belarus has formerly permitted Russia’s colors to attack Ukraine on its soil.

President Joe Biden and transnational leaders are preparing for a crucial NATO peak on Thursday in Belgium, as well as other high-position meetings fastening on Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s unexpectedly strong resistance and Russia’s medium military performance have encouraged the US and NATO abettors. Western politicians, on the other hand, have advised that Putin appears apathetic in political addresses to resolve the extremity, awaiting a prolonged battle with disastrous counteraccusations for Ukrainian civilians.

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Putin appears dug in and unintentional to admit failure, according to the NATO functionary, despite making no significant progress in the once two weeks. This effectively eliminates the possibility of him backing down.

The Ukrainians, too, have” made it straight they won’t give up, “the person said, adding that maintaining control over the conquered home will be tough in the face of “what is anticipated to be a nonstop and serious Ukrainian insurrection.”

So, what happens when these two forces grind against each other like this? “The loss of lives and destruction will be significant, “the NATO officer prognosticated. “Neither side can win then. “Neither side will give in.”

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The functionary said that while it’s unclear to NATO whether Putin intends to pursue a “maximalist” strategy to capture all or utmost of Ukraine, Russia has easily expanded its set of targets in recent days, including by striking spots in Western Ukraine that had largely gone unnoticed in the early days of the war.

Russian forces have switched to employing lower discriminate munitions that beget further considerable destruction with limited capability to avoid mercenary casualties, owing to their likely displeasure over their stingy battleground successes.

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nato official sees russia war entering a stalemate: ‘neither side here can win'

The NATO source explained, “The trouble with a stalemate is that it’s a long, drawn-out struggle. “Will not they (the Russians) see that they will not be suitable to win?” Perhaps, but it takes a certain quantum of sense and an amenability to honor that you have not won commodity for which there’s no substantiation at this point.”

Belarus choosers approved a vote last month relinquishing the country’s on-nuclear status, which was largely interpreted as a political primary to enabling Russia to post-nuclear munitions in the country, which borders Ukraine to the north.

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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has surfaced as Putin’s most hot supporter in the conflict, conducting high-profile meetings with the Russian leader and allowing his country to be used as a staging ground for Russian military operations.

According to the functionary, NATO is now concerned that Belarusian colors may join the war.

“The Belarusian government is establishing the conditions to legitimize a Belarusian irruption against Ukraine and the deployment of Russian nuclear munitions in Belarus,” according to a NATO intelligence functionary.

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