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NASA Announces Potential August Launch Date For Artemis 1 Moon Mission Aboard Sls Rocket: World Updates Today!!!


• NASA will use three mannequins to attempt the lunar test trip.
• The SLS rocket and Orion capsule are now at the Kennedy Space Center.
• In 1972, the final moon landing took place.


Artemis 1 Updates: NASA announced on Wednesday that it plans to launch its enormous, new moon rocket in late August, marking the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Beginning on August 29, NASA will carry out the protracted lunar test flight utilising just three mannequins and no humans.

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There are two more launch dates scheduled for early September before NASA would need to take a two-week pause. According to Jim Free of NASA, the test flight marks the beginning of “our Artemis mission to go back to the moon.” The space agency’s latest lunar programme is known as Artemis in honour of Apollo’s mythical twin sister.

Following repairs from the countdown test last month, the 30story Space Launch System rocket and its Orion capsule are now in the hangar at Kennedy Space Center. During the numerous launch rehearsals NASA conducted at the pad, fuel leaks and other technical issues appeared.

On Wednesday, NASA representatives informed reporters that the issues had been fixed and that testing is almost finished. However, they advised that due to Florida’s unpredictable weather and potential problems, the launch dates could change before the rocket is scheduled to return to the launch pad on August 18.Free, leader of the development of exploration systems, declared, “We’re going to be careful.The rocket and Orion capsule are taller than the Statue of Liberty at 322 feet (98 metres)

.Astronauts might board Orion in 2023 for a lunar loop around and make an actual landing in 2025 if the mission to the moon and return goes successfully.The moon was last visited by astronauts in 1972. The first two of the twelve moonwalkers, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, stepped foot on the powdery grey surface of the moon on July 20, 1969, while Michael Collins was orbiting the moon. Aldrin, the oldest of the three survivors at 92, tweeted about the event. He remarked, “Neil, Michael, and I were pleased to represent America as we accomplished those huge advances for humanity. America’s and the world’s best hour, respectively.

Artemis 1
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