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Narcos: Mexico Season 3: Will It happen Again? Release Date, Cast info, Plot Lines and Trailer


NARCOS: MEXICO is one of the best American crime drama created by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro. It is in the genre of crime drama, Biographical and thriller drama. United states and Mexico is the country of origin. Gaumont International television is the production company of this series.
Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, Eric Newman, and Jose Padiha are the executive producers of this series. Netflix is the distributor of this series. people welcomed this series very much.


Narcos: Mexico Season 3: Plot Lines

In this series, there was a ambitious police officer named Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo and he decided o create a drug empire in Guadalaraja. Later he formed the gang for this corruption. Felix, Rafa and Don Neto become the gang leader of drug empire. The polish department tried to arrest the gang members. But all of the plans become failure. Felix feels that he was not safe in that place, so he decided to change the place. one fine day, Felix deals with another crime and he also made partnership with dealers. The entire story revolves around him in an criminal manner.


Narcos: Mexico Season 3: Cast and Characters

There were so many leading roles in this series and some of the leading roles include Michael Pena as Kiki Camarena, Diego Luna as Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, Tenoch Huerta as Rafael Caro Quintero, Alyssa Diaz as Mika Camarena, Joaquin Cosio as Ernesto “Don Neto” Fonseca Carrilla, Jose maria Yazpik as Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Matt Letcher as Jaime Kuykendall, Ernesto Alterio as Salvador Osuna Nava, Alejandro Edda as Joaquin Guzman, Fernanda urrejola as Maria Elvira, Teresa Ruiz as Isabella Bautista, Lenny Jacobson as Roger Knapp, etc, and may other characters were also included in this series.


Narcos: Mexico Season 3:Release Date



This series was released on December 5, 2018 and the second was released on February 13, 2020. Fans are much excited to watch the third season. The third season will be released in the year of 2021. I hope fans will be satisfied by this information. We will surely update each and every single updates. So stay tuned for more updates.

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