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Nam Joo Hyuk Accused Of School Bullying: Latest Updates!!!

Nam Joo Hyuk Updates: An anonymous snitch claimed that actor Nam Joo Hyuk had shared in academy bullying for six times, from middle academy to high academy, according to an exclusive composition published by a South Korean media point before moment. Following that, Management SOOP, the actor’s agency, issued its first statement regarding the allegations.

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About Nam Joo Hyuk Accused Of School Bullying

The agency verified in a brief statement that they were apprehensive of the allegations and were probing the matter at the time. “ We’ve heard about the composition( exclusive story) and are presently looking into it( the legality), ” operation SOOP stated.

Following that, the agency issued a formal statement in response to the claims levelled against actor Nam Joo Hyuk. operation SOOP controversies all of the allegations in the statement and states that they would pursue legal action against anyone who spreads false charges online.

” First, we ask for your understanding that the advertisement of our sanctioned position was delayed due to our taking our time to confirm the data,” the agency says in its statement.

We’ve verified that all of the allegations in the report are false. likewise, we lament the outlet’s unilateral reporting of the story without making any attempt to fact- check it with us.”

The statement goes on to claim that a felonious complaint would be made against the media journalist who wrote the first story, as well as the anonymous snitch, for causing detriment to the actor’s character by propagating a false information. The procedure for this has formerly begun at the agency.

The actor and his family are the topmost victims of similar false rumours, according to Management SOOP, and the agency is frustrated at how the same permanently stains the actor’s character despite denial.

Nam Joo Hyuk

Management SOOP also expresses their determination to take legal action against any unilateral claims that aren’t vindicated by the agency.

The anonymous tipper submitted a print of a academy yearbook as evidence in the exclusive composition released before on June 20, professing that actor Nam Joo Hyuk was part of a group that bullied other pupils through violence, stealing plutocrat, and other means.

The tipper reportedly claimed that the actor would blackjack them by yanking their president out from under them and tossing mechanical pencil renewals at them.

The other victims, who were subordinated to more severe bullying, are presently witnessing remedy from psychiatrists and avoid watching TV because of the actor’s celebrity, according to the anonymous tipper.

According to the exclusive story, the anonymous snitch supplied the information in order to help others in a analogous circumstance.


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