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My Name Season 2 Series: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!


My Name Season 2 Updates: In the news about upcoming tv series you are going to get all the information about TV Series My Name season 2

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One of the top-rated Korean dramas of 2021 is “My Name.” The action kdrama features a fantastic cast and an exciting plot. The female led drama captivated Korean drama lovers, who began to wonder whether My Name Season 2 will be released. After being released, “My Name” quickly rose to the top 10 charts in more than 80 nations, including Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand.


My name at was not the show’s name. It was originally called Underground, but later altered.The plot centres on a girl who witnessed her father’s death and is devastated by it, but she also wants to avenge it, so she joins a crime kingpin and follows his instructions because, in her eyes, the ultimate goal is to kill the person accountable for her father’s death. The crime kingpin led her to believe that the killer is a police officer, so she infiltrated the force under a different name, and that’s when the real story began. We will just be in aww to see Han in the role of Yoon because she did it so well. The action, the drama, the mission, and the deadly cast are all present in this programme.Regarding the second season, we will have to wait and watch how the truth is revealed in this one. Because that’s what shows and fans are all about, you are free to make any assumptions you want about the falsehoods of Yoon’s life and the course it takes in the eight episodes that have come before, but be sure to check the website frequently for any new developments.


Han So-hee will play Yoon Ji-woo, the victimised girl who will exact revenge, in season one. Park Hee-soon will play Choi Moo-jin, Ahn Bo-Hyun will play Jeon Pildo, Kim San-gho will play Cha Giho, Lee Hak-Joo will play Jung Tae-Joo, Chang Ryul will play Do Gang-Jae, Rich Ting will play Mujin ChoiIt is a Korean show, and we recently witnessed how a Korean show entered and successfully dominated social media.Since the actors are worth watching and we have already seen them in other shows like Park Hee-Soon in Seven Days and Han Sohee in Nevertheless, we shouldn’t undervalue a Korean show on Netflix. The show was worth watching, so I don’t think we should expect anything less from this one.Considering in our clever minds for season two, I think let’s not jump to a conclusion here, but we do know that the main cast will return, and that thriller killer drama will be there, but it’s Netflix we can’t say what rock-solid here is, so let’s wait for season one to premiere and see how the world reacts.


Thus, the first season, which will have eight episodes, is set to premiere on October 15, 2021. The second season of the crime drama thriller is reportedly set to premiere on October 14, 2022, but the exact number of episodes is still unknown. I believe we will have to wait a few more days until season one before we can see where the story takes us.

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My Name Season 2
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