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Moskva sinking: US Intelligence Helped Ukraine to Sink Russian Cruiser

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According to many US news outlets, the US intelligence assisted Ukraine in sinking Russia’s flagship Black Sea missile cruiser, the Moskva. Ukraine has inquired about a ship passing south of Odesa, according to unnamed officials. The US confirmed that it was the Moskva and assisted in its finding. Ukraine then hit it with two missiles.

The Pentagon has remained silent. However, according to a spokeswoman, the US provided intelligence to help Ukraine defend itself. According to media accounts, unnamed US officials claimed they were unaware that Ukraine would target the Moskva after assisting in its location.

The sinking of Russia’s 510crew missile cruiser, which had led Russia’s naval attack on Ukraine, was a massive symbolic and military setback. The Russian defense ministry reported at the time that ammunition on board the Moskva burst into an unknown fire and the ship tipped over while being hauled back to port.

What Mr, Kirby Says about Moskva sinking?

Moskva sinking

The US has yet to respond directly to the Moskva claims. However, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby disputed accusations in the media that the US was sending information about the whereabouts of senior Russian generals on the battlefield so that Ukrainian forces might kill them.

“We don’t offer intelligence on the whereabouts of key military officers on the battlefield, and we don’t participate in the Ukrainian military’s targeting decisions,” he said. Ukraine combined information from the US and others with its own battlefield intelligence, according to Mr. Kirby. He explained, “Then they make their own decisions and do their own actions.

“The National Security Council (NSC) of the White House also disputed that the US was assisting Ukraine in its pursuit of key Russian operatives. “We do not offer intelligence with the goal to assassinate Russian generals,” said Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the National Security Council. The Biden administration is increasing its assistance to Ukraine.

President Biden has requested Congress for $33bn (£27bn) in military, economic, and humanitarian assistance to support Ukraine while reiterating that the US was not “attacking Russia”.The sum is more than twice as much as the US has already spent on delivering military weapons and humanitarian relief.

Mr. Biden wants to show that he is unfazed by vague threats of nuclear retaliation and Vladimir Putin’s threat of retaliatory strikes against countries that intervene in Ukraine, according to North America Editor Sarah Smith. Russia’s foreign ministry has stated Western military assistance for Ukraine threatens “the security of the continent”.

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