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Missouri Mom Of Two By Day, International DJ Superstar By Night

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In addition to supporting her sons at baseball games, Alexis Tucci enjoys spending time with them at the skate park.The mother, 47, also doubles as one of the top DJs in the LGBTQ party scene.

Gay partygoer Martin Lipinski told TODAY Parents, “She has her own voice but also gives her heart out, taking the gays to another new realm.”

“She’ll get you to laugh and boogie while you forget about whatever problems you might be having. She is simultaneously a queen, a DJ, a mother, and a friend.The St. Louis mother of two stands out from other scene DJs, which might be the key to her success.

Along with her distinctive sound, which she describes as a mashup of disco, afro, house, and deep tech, she believes that being a mother provides her an advantage in her very competitive field. 

Tucci claims that she has “always just been a nurturer for my neighbourhood and for the people around me.”

“So it’s a trifecta that is extremely healing,” says the singer, “with them looking at me and seeing the mother figure and having been through what they’ve been through and then with my music being so uplifting, wonderful, and feel-good.” 

When Tucci was 15 years old and went to her first warehouse party, she fell in love with the scene. She experienced a sense of belonging right away. 

Tucci Considers Herself To Be Straight, But She Realised The Homosexual Party Scene Was Where She Belonged

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Missouri Mom Of Two By Day, International DJ Superstar By Night

Her father, Kim Tucci, was a well-respected businessman in St. Louis who maintained a thriving chain of Italian eateries and was admired for his community service.

His only response was to offer her unwavering support when his daughter, who attended a Catholic school, returned home to tell him she had fallen in love with the LGBT community. 

He didn’t care about the appearance or interests of my acquaintances as long as they supported my job and our family, according to Alexis.

Her father was one of Tucci’s major supporters as she established a company in St. Louis that hosts electronic music events up to his passing in 2019. 

“I would enter a room where he was with other adults and I wouldn’t really speak about it since the media usually talked about raves and young kids in a horrible way,” she added.

My father would railroad me and say, “You should see the things she builds!’ when I would come in and humbly explain what I do.

People come and dance all night long because she creates something out of nothing. These young people just naturally unite. They just get together and dance because they share a bond.

He just got it.Her LGBTQ party scene peers migrated from St. Louis to larger locations like New York or San Francisco. She remained. Why? her household and neighbourhood.

I was unable to go because, in her words, “I never felt like I was going to leave my scene, which had given me so much and meant so much to me, in the hands of individuals who would carry on the legacy in the manner I needed it to be carried on.” It evolved into my entire ethos. 

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