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Millie Bobby Brown Starrer Damsel Synopsis, Cast, and Other Details

Damsel, a new Millie Bobby Brown film, will be released on Netflix, and we’ve shared everything we know about it thus far. Stay tuned as we continue to update this space with fresh information as it becomes available. Brown is one of the most sought-after actresses on Netflix.

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, while Enola Holmes is one of the top Netflix movies. Fans can’t wait to see her in Damsel in Distress! Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will direct Damsel, a fantasy film based on a script by Dan Mazeau. Brown, Mazeau, Chris Castaldi, and Zack Roth are executive producers.

Synopsis of Damsel


Although we have yet to receive an official synopsis, we have a clear idea of what the fantasy picture is about. It’s about a princess who is duped into believing she’ll marry a prince, only to discover she’ll be sacrificed to a dragon instead.

Brown plays Elodie, who is looking forward to marrying Prince Henry and is under pressure from her father, who wants the money that her marriage will bring, be a good, submissive wife. Elodie discovers she’s been duped into being a sacrificial sacrifice for a nasty dragon that wants to consume her after marrying Henry.  Elodie fights her way out of the dragon’s lair and saves herself by killing the dragon.

The Cast Updates

The Wrap

Several more Damsel cast members were recently announced by Deadline, and we have the whole list right here:

  • Millie Bobby Brown is a model and actress (who will also executive produce)
  • Angela Bassett
  • Robin Wright
  • Ray Winstone
  • Robinson
  • Brooke Carter
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo

Shooting Spot

Principal photography is set to begin in February 2022 in London, England, according to What’s on Netflix. At this time, there is no set date for the conclusion of the project.

Expected Release Date

Regrettably, Netflix has yet to announce an official release date. We will, however, reveal our release date forecasts. The film is still under production, and the cameras haven’t started rolling yet. However, we do know that production will begin soon.

So, our best estimation for when the fantasy film will be released is late 2022 or early 2023. After filming is completed, the picture will require at least six months of post-production, putting the release date later in the year. However, post-production could take longer than six months, implying that the picture would be released in the new year.

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