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Military Incursions For Taiwan Again, Fifth In a Row This Month From Beijing.

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The issue.

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Military Incursions For Taiwan Updates: Yet another instance has happened where China has clearly warned Taiwan with military threats as reports came where about 4 Chinese military planes incurred into the Taiwan’s air defence identification zone, also it is not for the first time, when Beijing has done something like this, in this month only, the total count of instances like this have reached to five in numbers.

According to the news, as Taiwan made out, two PLAAF that is People’s liberation army air force Shenyang J-11 fighter jets along with Shaanxi Y-8 reconnaissance aeroplane and one Shaanxi Y-8 Anti-submarine Warfare plane flew into the Army identification zone of Taiwan in the southwest.

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As per the Ministry of National Defence, Taiwan informed in media, In response to the intrusion this time, Taiwan had sent aircraft and radio warnings while it deployed the Air defence missile systems to track down the intrusive planes.

The problem

Earlier this month also, around a number of 13 military planes from Beijing had made incursions into the Army Identification zones. This all is happening because of the evergreen expansionist policy of China and its claimed Sovereignty over the Democratic Island and has made several incursions in the past as well into Taiwan.

Military Incursions For Taiwan

Taiwan being a democratic country of over 24 million people has been governed separately from China since 7 decades and is located off the South Eastern coast of Mainland China. Despite all the democratic practices that the Taiwan exercises, China’s threat have been coming against the independence of the territory of Taiwan.

It was June 1st this year only, when the Chinese president Xi- Jingping pledged to complete the reunification of Taiwan into China and has vowed to smash any efforts or attempts made from the Island.

Where recently, the Taiwan news also reported of the French National Assembly, to vote on a resolution that is aimed at Supporting the democratic Island’s participation in the International forums.

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