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Microsoft Is Said To Be Planning To Add Advertising To Free-To-Play Xbox Games This Year.

Microsoft Is Said To Be Planning To Add Advertising To Free-To-Play Xbox Games This Year.


• Microsoft is said to be looking into adtech firms.
• The move would provide a new cash stream for Xbox developers.
• According to reports, Microsoft has no intentions to take a portion of in-game ad revenue.

According to a source, Microsoft plans to add adverts to free-to-play Xbox games and is presently investigating ad tech providers to assist manage the new in-game ad inventory and collaborating with ad agencies. Developers working on free games would allegedly be able to sell ad space as a result of the move.

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It’s also expected to help Microsoft recruit more developers to create new free-to-play games on Xbox, as the new model will provide them with ad revenue. Insider says that Microsoft is working on a means to allow advertisers to place advertising into free-to-play Xbox games, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

The Adverts Would Appear As Digitally Created Billboards In A Car Racing Game, For Example, In Order To Avoid Disrupting The User Experience.

Other sorts of in-game ad units, such as avatar skins and video commercials, are unknown at this time. The option to deliver advertisements through free-to-play Xbox games, according to the source,

might be available as early as the third quarter of 2022. Although the objective of the new commercials appears to be to make the Xbox platform more interesting to advertisers, Microsoft is believed to have no plans to receive a portion of ad income from this approach.

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Microsoft Is Said To Be Planning To Add Advertising To Free-To-Play Xbox Games This Year

According to insiders, ad money will be split between game producers and adtech businesses who place advertising in free-to-play games. Initial discussions to create an in-game Xbox ad network are claimed to have begun in 2018 or 2019,

though the process has reportedly quickened in recent months as a result of the release of the latest Xbox models — the Xbox Series S and Series X — and the rise of free-to-play games on the platform.

One Of Microsoft’s Main Concerns About This Initiative, According To Reports, Is The Possibility Of Gameplay disruption.

According to Insider’s sources, the business wants to choose only a few brands that will be able to display adverts in free games. The Redmond corporation is also claimed to want to provide its chosen brands access to a “secret marketplace” that will likely be unavailable to the general public.

Microsoft also apparently has no intention of allowing advertisers to target Xbox gamers using data collected from Bing searches and user behavior on its websites and apps. Activision Blizzard, which features a native ad network, and ad tech platform Xandr, was recently acquired by Microsoft.

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The assets of those two organizations are anticipated to aid in the launch of the new program and the eventual introduction of new ad revenue models to Xbox. The idea of displaying advertisements within games is not new.

Even with paid games, companies have attempted this in the past. Microsoft’s strategy, on the other hand, appears to be targeted at encouraging developers to make more free games by supporting in-game adverts from select brands natively.

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